Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports

  • Apr 19

    Fish Species During Summer in Miami

    Published April 19th, 2020

    Summer Fishing on the Way! The global circumstances definitely put a dent in spring fishing but that doesn't mean we won't be getting out on the water soon. Summer fishing is right around the corner! With calmer than average weather and great fishing, summer is definitely a great time of year to get out on the water. I'm sure we all need some H2O after all this time indoors.  Fish Species during Summer off Miami Sailfish are still prevalent during the right conditions during May and June  Sailfish start to lean out during June and July but during the right conditions, sailfish are a possibility year round In addition to sails, kings, blackfin tuna, and more frequent the edge through the end of June. Kite fishing can still be productive as late as July but you really need current and some wind. Dolphin fishing should pick up during June and July and are the main species we target during summer Dolphin are usually arriving ...

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  • Mar 18

    Still Open for Spring Fishing

    Published March 18th, 2020

    Yes, We're Still Open! There is no better time to get outdoors for a private fishing charter. Our boat is thoroughly cleaned between every trip and our crew is healthy. The fishing is stellar this time of year with sailfish, blackfin tuna, kingfish, and more. A private fishing charter to catch dinner is an example of social distancing at its finest.  Spring Fishing in Miami Spring fishing during March, April, and May is the best time of year for quality and quantity of fish. The sailfish are still around in numbers along with a variety of meatfish ranging from mahi to cobia moving along the edge. In addition, wreck fishing should be heating up during the next few months with amberjack, grouper, african pompano and more. One of our favorites, permit will also be staging to spawn shortly. There is no better thrill than catching permit on light tackle. With blistering runs and multiple hookups being the norm, permit fishing is icing on the cake while fishing during ...

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  • Feb 26

    Best Time of Year to Fish Miami

    Published February 26th, 2020

    I get this question a lot and to be honest, we have great fishing year round. The answer is rather subjective because your definition of great fishing may largely depend on your preference. For some people, catching 60 dolphin on a warm summer day is the trip of a lifetime. Others might want to knock billfish off their bucket list and could care less for meat. Personally, I love catching billfish and the by-catch while kite fishing always keeps things exciting. If I had to pick 2 months of the year to fish, March and April would be my top choice. Flags symbolize the number of sailfish released during a trip. This is one of many double digit days we have had during spring. Springtime off Miami  Spring is a stellar time of year with a great mix of variety, quality, and quantity of fish. We definitely have slower days when the current is lighter than expected or the wind direction is less than favorable but overall spring time can be ...

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  • Jan 18

    Wintertime Kite Fishing

    Published January 18th, 2020

    Kitefishing For Sailfish I get the question every day... What do you catch this time of year? Winter in Miami is a great time of year with short runs and a lot of diversity. We predominantly target sailfish during the winter but luckily kitefishing is an approach that involves live bait and light tackle. Unlike trolling for other billfish such as marlin that require big lures with heavy tackle, kite fishing is a light tackle proposition. What is Kite Fishing? Kite fishing involves using a kite to suspend baits on or near the surface. Our boat is custom built for this technique so we use electric reels to fly 2 kites simultaneously behind the boat. On the line tethered to the kite we have clips that we use to attach the rods we use to actually fight the fish. We use 20lb class conventional reels with 6 foot rods for kite fishing and like to fish 6 baits at a time on the surface. When a fish eats the bait, the clip pops, ...

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  • Oct 28

    Monster Swordfish in Miami

    Published October 28th, 2019

    It's not always the fish you catch that make memories. More often than not, the fight itself is what sticks with you. We've caught plenty of swordfish up to about 400 lbs, bluefin tuna to 700lbs, blue marlin to 400lbs, giant sharks, and more. Our list of "impressive catches" is pretty extensive. Either way, the list of epic losses is probably just as long.  I've had plenty of epic fights during my career fishing. Some have ended with the fish of a lifetime in the boat and many have ended with fish stories. Before even talking about our recent catch, let me talk about a few fights that didn't go our way. Below you'll find our top 5 most epic losses. 500+ Pound Swordfish- This was an epic fight back in 2012. We hooked the fish toward the end of our trip and proceeded to fight the thing until it was close to sunrise. The fish jumped 5 times but we just couldn't get a clear ...

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  • Aug 31

    September and October Fishing Forecast

    Published August 31st, 2019

    Great late season dolphin fishing The dolphin fishing went through a serious lull in July. We were definitely catching a few dolphin on average but it wasn't red hot by any means. Fortunately the dolphin season seems to be finishing stronger than it started. We have had quite a few limits toward the end of August and caught plenty of fish in the 20-40lb range. This was a great summer for "slammer" dolphin for us. We have been putting a decent number of bigger fish on the docks. Blue Marlin off Miami! Blue marlin are a rare occurrence while fishing off Miami. We usually see a few each summer and we had one customer lucky enough to catch a 200lb class blue during the last week of August. You really never know what you're going to catch out there and this fish was a welcomed surprise. The fish came up on a hookless daisy chain teaser before switching over to a ballyhoo. Kris nailed the ...

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  • Jun 13

    Dolphin Fishing Miami

    Published June 13th, 2019

    Dolphin Fishing Charters Miami Summertime means mahi-mayhem in Miami. Dolphin go by a number of names just to make sure people are adequately confused. Dolphin are actually dolphin-fish. These fish grow quickly and congregate in large schools offshore especially during the summer. To be clear, we are not out there trying to kill Flipper. Dolphin-fish are fish, not porpoises. We do not kill mammals. The scientific name for dolphin is Coryphaena hippurus. The Hawaiian name for dolphin is mahi-mahi which means "very strong." In Latin America, these fish are often referred to as Dorado. In the southeast United States, we usually call them dolphin or mahi. Dolphin Fishing off Miami is a year round affair but summer is definitely the best time. Below you'll see a picture of a fine specimen.  Difference between Bull and Cow Dolphin Mahi-mahi are one one of the few species of fish that have distinct characteristics based on gender. Male dolphin have square heads like the one pictured above. Cows on ...

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  • May 1

    May Fishing on Fire

    Published May 1st, 2019

    April Fishing Recap April was a stellar month for sailfish. We spent most of the month live baiting with the kites which yielded an average of 3 sailfish per trip. We had 8 days where we caught more than 10 sailfish per trip. Our best day yielded 24 sailfish out of 30 bites which is red hot. The sails were a bit late this year but we'll take it! The sailfish bite should continue to be decent all the way until June. Wreck Fishing during May Wreck fishing has been pretty solid. May is probably the best time of year to wreck fish overall. Amberjack frequent most of the deeper shipwrecks accompanied by a few grouper for which the season just opened. In addition, the permit spawn continues on the shallower wrecks until about mid May. Permit fishing is only really possible on a full day but these fish are definitely worth the chase! Permit are a catch and release fishery. These fish are picky and only really like to eat live crabs. Pound ...

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  • Jan 22

    Kite Fishing Charters Miami

    Published January 22nd, 2019

    Kite Fishing on the Edge January and February are a great time of year off Miami. South Florida is unique because it is one of the few sections of coastline in the continental United States where we have a short run to the fishing grounds. Just 5 miles off Miami's coast is an area we call "the edge." During winter most of the fish are concentrated on this drop off in 100-300 feet of water. Unlike summertime where we often run 10-20 miles offshore, we have the luxury of catching bigger fish closer to shore during the winter. With this being said, half and 3/4 day trips are more than adequate this time of year. A good day of kite fishing starts with having a livewell full of frisky live baits. Here at Double Threat Charters, we take our bait fish very seriously! We have 8 bait pens around the boat which we try to keep stocked with the best bait time or money can buy. In our slip we ...

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  • Nov 30

    November Fishing Report

    Published November 30th, 2018

    November Fishing Report: Looking to get out on the water this weekend?  Check out what we’ve been catching off Miami to maximize your success.  The fall fishing has gotten off to a slow start, with the usual migrations of blackfin tuna, mackerel, and sailfish a little behind schedule.  Don’t fear, there is still plenty of action to be found offshore if you’re willing to switch up tactics.  The live bait kite fishing has been slower than to be expected, even when the optimal conditions of blue water and north current are present over the reef.  Trolling has been more productive than live baiting, especially in the shallower depths. The migrations of baitfish such as ballyhoo, sardines and herring are finally starting to arrive.  Predatory fish know this and are moving in shallow to capitalize on the abundance of bait.  Keep an eye out for showers of ballyhoo on the oceanside flats and patch reefs.  It’s not uncommon to ...

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