Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Miami Fishing Charters - Call for Prices

With the Gulf Stream just a few miles offshore and Biscayne Bay serving as a productive fish nursery, predators abound off Miami's  coast. There isn't a bad time of year to book saltwater fishing charters in Miami; the sailfish migration lasts from October through June, mahi-mahi are everywhere from April to October, and countless other species assume residence year round. You can't go wrong! Deep sea fishing charters in Miami with our crew will be safe, productive, and memorable.

43 Foot Hatteras- Up to 6 people Welcome Aboard!

Hatteras Cummins

The "Double Threat" is a Comfortable, World Class Fishing Machine

Guests will receive a world class fishing experience with Double Threat Charters. Anglers relax the second they leave port from Coconut Grove. The "Double Threat" is tournament rigged and ready to fish, while simultaneously spoiling our customers. This boat underwent an extensive refit during 2016. This fishing machine has 150 gallons of livewell space, a tuna tower for an improved vantage point, triple spreader outriggers, state of the art electronics, an immense fish box to ice your catch, and more. With an air conditioned cabin, a head (toilet), shower, and full list of appliances (freezer, refrigerator, and microwave), leisure was not compromised for fishing ability. In addition to spotting fish, the fly bridge is great for enjoying the view. Kite fishing for sailfish, trolling for dolphin, bottom fishing for snapper, drifting for sword fish, and live baiting for tuna are just a few of the many techniques we employ with ease. The Double Threat is armed with meticulously maintained equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry. With top of the line Avet, Penn, and Shimano reels, we won't be caught under-gunned. Our line is always freshly spooled, our hooks are sharpened, and our knots are tested. With a healthy mix of tournament-style fishing without sacrificing comfort, our guests are in store for a world class experience.

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Full Day Miami Fishing Charter

Beginning at 7 am or 8 am, our full day fishing charter ensures the greatest value among all of our fishing trips. About 9 hours of fishing time maximizes the captains ability to locate where the fish are biting, and allow you to catch many different species using a variety of techniques. Oftentimes different species are active at different times of the day. It is not uncommon to successfully target sailfish in the morning, dolphin midday, and tuna in the afternoon. We are flexible while targeting a variety of species to accommodate seasonal migrations, daily conditions, and your preference. Regardless of when you decide to book, a full day offshore charter can mean action with any number of species including sailfish, dolphin, tuna, marlin, kingfish, wahoo, snapper, cobia, grouper, and more.

Half Day Miami Fishing Charter

This charter offers less time on the water but there is still ample opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime on any given trip. During a half day charter we apply a similar philosophy as our full day trip but with time constraints. Half days are typically reserved for 7am-12pm or 1pm-6pm time slots though we can be flexible.

Shark Fishing Charters

Sharks can be found in practically every stretch of water in south Florida. Our crew happily takes advantage of their presence and is pleased to offer you four hours of playtime with these toothy predators. Calm water is the norm as our best spots lie in the heart of Biscayne Bay. There's nothing more entertaining than a shark at the side of the boat, no matter how big it may be. Sharks average between 3' and 5' during these outings but larger fish are always expected. This trip is a great way to introduce your family, friends, or clients to big game fishing Read more about Shark Fishing

Tuna Fishing Charters

Tuna fishing charters start with the collection of live bait in  mass quantities. We then proceed to "the edge" and deploy as many as 12  lines in varying parts of the water column. Following the hooked baits  is the "live chum." Dumping live bait in the water by the hundreds  causes feeding frenzies where blackfin tuna and other species join the  party. April through July are the best months for these charters Read more about Blackfin Tuna

Swordfishing Charters

Hands down the most challenging species of fish to catch offshore  Miami is the broadbill swordfish. Oppressive runs, impressive jumps, and  extended fight times are all expected from a healthy swordfish.  Commonly reaching weights of over 300 pounds, a Miami swordfish serves  as the pinnacle of all angling accomplishments. Methods for catching  swordfish vary based on the time of day. By day swordfish lurk in deeper  water,  and a bait must be sent nearly 1800' below to the waiting  predators. The rules change when the sun goes down though. At night the  swordfish rise from the depths to feed near the surface. our crew takes  advantage of this opportunity by setting six lines at varying depths  in  hopes of intercepting a hungry broadbill. Sword fishing trips aboard  the Blue Yonder guarantee a safe and exciting experience whether you  choose to fish during the day or night (or both). And when that  broadbill does eat a bait, you're in for a battle you'll never forget.  Swordfishing charters are about 12 hours long to accommodate the extra  distance to the fishing grounds. Book today and experience big game  fishing at its finest. Check out some of our swordfishing success here: Miami Swordfish Charter You should also Read more about Swordfish

Grand Slam Trip- Sailfish, Marlin, Swordfish

Our grand slam package offers diehard anglers the opportunity to  pursue a billfish slam--- the ultimate feat in offshore fishing. During  the course of the day you can expect to kite fish for sailfish, troll  the Gulf Stream for marlin, and ply the deep trenches for swordfish. If conditions permit we will even fish into the night for swordfish.  Employing every technique used during the chase is an experience in  itself. Landing a trophy broadbill, multiple sailfish, or even a blue  marlin is icing on the cake.  Expect a tournament style atmosphere as  our crew works toward your ultimate goal of catching all three species  during this 16 hour charter.

For The Kids

Having grown up on the water, Capt Brent and Capt Nick know very  well how special a day out on the water can be. That's why we designed  these trips around the kids! Anything that bites is fair game, and we  can very easily curb our trip schedule based on age and level of  experience. On calmer days, we usually travel to shallow reefs, wrecks,  or even sneak offshore in an effort to get the rods bent with fast paced  action. If it is rough we often target sharks and smaller fish such as  mackerel and snapper within the comfort of Biscayne Bay. This trip is  great for birthday parties and family outings with young children. Join  us and make memories with your loved ones.

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