Miami Fishing Charters- "No Fish is Safe"

We love what we do and fish at a tournament style pace during every single trip. We run the boat hard, fish hard, and work hard. Our reputation means everything and we are dedicated to showing every group how exciting sport fishing can really be. There are less expensive charters out there but these business models place an emphasis on saving fuel, bait, and getting back to the dock.

Our approach is just the opposite. We punch it to where we need to go and use whatever techniques necessary to put you on the fish. Depending on the conditions and time of year, we kite fish, wreck fish, troll, sight fish, deep drop, and more. We have fine tuned every technique and mixed top of the line equipment with an experienced crew. This allows us to to catch fish by doing what's necessary, not convenient. We push our crew and boats to the limit, all while maintaining a positive atmosphere and teaching you along the way.

Sportfishing is always met with different variables. Winds, currents, and weather patterns are constantly changing. Our charters take these variables into account while simultaneously considering customer preference. We target every species in Miami including tarpon, sailfish, snapper, sharks, mahi-mahi, swordfish, snook, kingfish, tuna, and marlin to name a few. Keep reading or book now and you'll understand why "No Fish is Safe!"

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Why Fish With Us?

With a custom rigged 43' Hatteras for Deep Sea Fishing and a 21' Bay Boat to conquer the flats, we are ready for anything. Don't let our tournament style approach intimidate you, we predominantly fish light tackle and make the most elusive gamefish a reasonable target for even the most inexperienced anglers. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our only priorities from the moment you contact us. Unlike most multiple boat operations, we are owner operated and take our reputation very seriously. There are less expensive charters online but you won't find a more experienced crew, well kept boats, or positive atmosphere.


  • My 3 sons and I fished with Double Threat two days this past week.

    Ryan and Chris were on our first charter and we released 4 sailfish on

    that 3/4 day. Lots of great pictures and videos of the action.

    The next day out we had no time for pictures or videos as we were hooked

    up almost constantly on the 3/4 day. We caught 13 sailfish, 3 to 4 of us hooked

    up at a time. And also 4 decent size Bonitas. Captain Nick and another mate

    Matt joined our crew and were great.

    We have fished with Double Threat at least 6 times over the last 8 years and

    this crew always fish like they are in a tournament. Very professional and efficient

    and we ALWAYS catch fish!! They have also refurbished the boat recently and

    bathroom and it looks great and is very comfortable. I highly recommend

    going with Double Threat. You won't be sorry!

  • Just went out w/ the crew at DTFC for two days (inshore 1 and offshore the other). I understand August isn't the best time of the year for deep sea fishing but our inshore day was great. Day #1 we did 4 hours inshore and we got 2 Jacks and 20 or so Barracuda's. Anywhere from 3+ feet to smallies. Captain Jack was great, started out super slow then we smoked them for a good 2 hours. Day #2 - went off shore and managed to get a number of Mahi (probably 10-12ish), couple Bonito's and a few small tuna's. Overall the crew worked super hard to catch us fish. Been on a number of charters and this was up there with the best around. A/C on the boat was super helpful for the hungover boys. Hopefully going back to do some Marlin or sailfish in April!!

  • Awesome crew and experience. Highly recommend.


    My son and I scheduled a trip on May 12th. When we arrived we were told by the Captain that the boat had a mechanical issue but rather than canceling the trip he wanted to try to put us on some fish. Because of the issue we were only able to fish for an hour and fifteen minutes so it was very unproductive to say the least. Captain Ryan and his first mate were extremely kind, apologetic and considerate! The next day the owner, Nick, called me personally to apologize and refunded nearly the entire trip fee. This company TRULY cares about their clients and that’s very rare these days!!

    I will recommend ANYONE going to Miami for a fishing trip to call Double Threat FIRST!!! I can guarantee you that I certainly will!!!

    Thank you Nick and Captain Ryan!!!

  • An excellent experience in all ways. Ryan made the sign up easy and is a great Captain. Christian is a great first mate. Boat is excellent, clean and safe and very efficient. We went today with three experienced fisherman who like to go "catching' not just fishing. We caught: Sailfish, Bonito, Amberjack. The kite fishing made for a new experience and we had great teachers. We will be back

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Cool Season Fishing In Miami

November 3, 2022

It’s that time of the year! As the cooler months move in, the fishing is red hot out of Miami. These are the months that make the best times for a fantastic experience on the water. This is a perfect time to book your trip for the upcoming winter season! What does winter fishing in Miami offer? With ...

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August Fishing off Miami

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To be honest, no, we don't spend all year looking forward to August fishing. We can't count on every day being epic but we NEVER KNOW what to expect on a given day. As slow as some days can be, the reality that the next bite could be a fish of a lifetime is what keeps us coming ...

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Captains' Log

Our crew lives and breathes fishing. When we're not on the water we're either working on the boat or thinking about our next trip.


Why Book with Us?

What sets us apart from other Miami fishing charters is our tournament style approach and encouraging atmosphere. 


Custom Charters and Unmatched Customer Service

What sets us apart from other Miami fishing charters is our tournament style mentality. We spare no expense during our trips. Most boats try to save fuel, save bait, and are always worried about their next charter. We go hard every trip like it was our last. We provide live bait on every charter and won't hesitate to burn extra fuel if we need to. Our crew is hard working, experienced, and ready for anything. 

We offer many different packages that consider the preference, experience level, and budget of our clientele.  With extensive knowledge of inshore and offshore fisheries coupled with experience targeting every gamefish in Miami, we will find the bite. 

We pride ourselves by offering more options and better customer service than any other fishing charter in miami. We are owner operated and take our reputation seriously.  Whether you are looking to take out the kids, impress a new client, or catch your first billfish, we can match you with the ideal trip. 

For Deep Sea charters for up to 6 people, check out our Deep Sea Fishing Page.  For Inshore Fishing for up to 3 people, check out our Inshore Fishing Page. Not sure which excursion to pick? Contact us now!


We Love Our Jobs- The Double Threat Charters Experience

Our crew will make every trip a special one. We don't count down the seconds until we return to port, we spare no expense and pursue the fish of a lifetime on every trip. If the bite is slow in one area, we will switch locations and techniques in a matter of minutes. 

Tight traveling schedule? We will find a way to get you on the water. Our accommodations will ensure a quality experience, beginning from the moment you contact us. Our charter service is fully licensed, insured, and provides everything necessary for a safe and memorable day on the water. While gazing at the skyline of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and Key Biscayne during the run back to port, you'll fully understand the addiction of sport fishing. 


Miami Fishing Guides, Knowledgable and Courteous Captains and Crew

Our captains have spent many years fine-tuning their fishing methods and take pride in knowing that they'll put clients on fish, regardless of the conditions.  Check out our Miami Fishing Reports and witness evidence of our success. 

In addition, visit the Captains' Log where our captains showcase their stories, videos, and more. With the hard-working approach of our crew, diverse knowledge, and unparalleled  flexibility, you'll have a shot at the fish of a lifetime with Double Threat Charters.


Inexperienced Anglers, Have Any Questions About Your Fishing Trip?

Browse through the website and give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any questions in an effort to satisfy the interests of our clientele and arrange the ideal offshore or inshore fishing charter for our guests. We'll have plenty of suggestions for the most productive fishing charter, depending on the time of year and what our guests wish to catch. Children and older individuals will be happily accommodated by our crew, as well.

Experienced Anglers, Book your Miami Charter Fishing Experience today!

Is there a species of fish that's evaded you for years? Or would you like to become more familiar with your local area and extend your knowledge on those tricks and tips that lead to our success? Our fishing charters will satisfy even the most seasoned anglers and provide them with an excellent opportunity to expand their knowledge and improve success. Learn how to kite fish with 2 kites, drift for swordfish, bottom fish on wrecks, vertical jig, fly fish, and more. Experienced guests are more than welcome to test out their own gear if they desire.

Corporate Outings, Special Events, Bahamas Trips, Tournaments, Bank Signings, and More

Don't hesitate to contact us with special circumstances. We can accommodate large groups by arranging multiple boats for a friendly tournament. In addition, we regularly host bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We are more than happy to make any event a special one and offer the flexibility to do so.

Looking to get away? Multiple day trips to the Bahamas or Keys can be arranged for repeat clients.

Feeling competitive? We are available for charter and ready to fish in any local tournaments. Contact us for rates and details.

Find something we don't offer? We are well networked in the South Florida Community and will happily point customers in the right direction should they inquire about a service we don't offer. Contact Us for any of your fishing needs and we'll be happy to help.

Our Captains

We will put you on the fish.

Captain Nick Gonzalez

As the son of a pilot, Captain Nick Gonzalez grew up traveling and fished in various locations from the Outer Banks to Hawaii. Nick has caught nearly  every species in the Atlantic and has a wealth of knowledge about the sportfishing industry. He has a young face but has spent over 15 years  fishing in Miami's waters as a recreational angler, professional mate,  and captain. Nick captained the Blue Yonder (his first boat) during many tournaments and managed plenty of first place finishes. He takes a tournament style  approach to every charter with intentions of out-fishing the fleet every day. His passion is contagious and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with  others. Over the years, Double Threat Charters has been featured in Marlin Magazine, InTheBite Magazine, Florida Sportfishing Magazine, Coastal Angler Magazine, and more. During 2018, Captain Nick received the distinguished honor of Top Release Captain for Atlantic Sailfish as well as Top Release Captain out of all the Charter Boats in South Florida. At just 25, he was the youngest captain to ever receive these awards. During 2019 he repeated this honor by tagging the most sailfish out of anyone in the Atlantic. When Nick isn't fishing, he is usually writing for different magazines or doing freelance marketing.

Captain Kristjan Must  

Kristjan grew up in New Jersey spending his weekends chasing striped bass, blue fish, flounder, and just about any cold water fish he could get his hands on. He always knew that there was more in the world than cold weather and crappy fishing so after graduating from college with a degree in nuclear engineering (he's way over qualified for this job), Kris joined the navy. He spent 6 years on tour while traveling through Asia and the Middle East in a nuclear submarine. After serving his country Kris made a big move to sunny South Florida where he could pursue his lifelong passion of fishing in a tropical climate. He settled down in Miami Beach where he began chasing tarpon, snook, and sharks from his kayak (yes, a kayak). He built a very strong local presence while targeting these exotic species on a small boat with light tackle. Before long he dove head first into the charter fishing scene where he began working with some of the best captains in the industry. Kristjan is a well rounded individual and capable of tackling just about any obstacle when it comes to boat work, photography, graphic design, and more. He's great with people, witty, and it's always nice to have a mechanic onboard.

Captain John Prahl

Captain John Prahl is a fourth generation Miami native. He has over 20 years of experience fishing in the backcountry of Miami, Florida. He grew up fishing the waters of Miami’s Biscayne Bay, the Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas, Flamingo in Everglades National Park, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay and Whitewater Bay, as well as in the canals and urban waterways. South Florida provides one of the most diverse and challenging, but also one of the most prolific recreational inshore fisheries in the world. John has the experience to put his anglers on fish during any time of year regardless of the conditions. 

Captain Ryan Peters

Captain Ryan is a Miami native with over 20 years of experience fishing off of South Florida. To say he lives and breathes fishing would be an understatement. To this day, he is still one of the only members of our crew you will catch fishing on his days off. Ryan loves the challenge of sportfishing because it always provides new opportunities to learn and challenge himself. He has caught just about every species that swims and prides himself in always having a trick up his sleeve on slower days. Some of his notable catches include mako sharks to 500 lbs, swordfish to 450 lbs, goliath grouper to 600 lbs, as well as sharks, marlin, and more. Ryan has phenomenal eye sight and is definitely a threat in the tower while sight fishing. Don’t let his mellow temperament fool you. Ryan has a competitive attitude and the grit to out fish any captain off South Florida on a given day.

Target Species

With such a wide variety of species off the east and west coasts of  South Florida, you never know what you're going to catch.  Below is a  detailed species list of the many game fish you may encounter during an  outing with Double Threat Fishing Charters.

Convenient Location in Miami Fl

For deep sea trips, our boat is kept in Coconut Grove, one of the premier locations in Miami Dade County.

Located at 3400 Pan American Drive, our boat is just 20 minutes (7 miles) away from Miami International Airport.

Coconut Grove is very centrally located to the following areas:

  • Miami Beach: 22 Min, 13 Miles
  • Key Biscayne: 18 Min, 9.2 Miles
  • Downtown Miami: 11 Min, 5.4 Miles
  • Brickell: 11 Min, 3.8 Miles

Our location gives you the choice of staying directly in Coconut Grove, or, taking the hotel of your pick anywhere in Miami with the comfort of knowing you’ll be less than 30 minutes away.