• Peak Season: June-October 
  • Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
  • Best Technique: Running and Gunning
  • Best Bait: Palm Sized Jacks
  • Table Fare: Excellent

Dolphin Fishing Miami

This voracious pelagic species is one of the most impressively colored game fish swimming off Miami. Running into schools of dolphin is a common occurrence while offshore fishing in Miami. Dolphin follow current rips and Sargasso weed lines where they prey on virtually anything that fits into their mouths. Tuna, jacks, sardines, squid, flying fish, shrimp, crabs, and even juvenile dolphin (to name a few) are all on the menu. Deep sea dolphin charters employ many different methods to find these fish. These methods depend on the season and conditions. During summer, fish frequent the deeper waters off Miami.

Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters

Our boats run until we find productive water and then proceed to work the area. Trolling for dolphin along weed lines and current rips with an assortment of lures and baits is one productive method to cover ground and find the fish. We also throw live baits, chunk baits, and jigs into the mix when promising structure is found (weed patches, floating debris, or working birds). With such a huge ocean, tuning in on productive areas is imperative for successful dolphin fishing during the summer months. Kite fishing the edge when conditions are appropriate can also be very effective when dolphin fishing in Miami. While sometimes considered by catch, dolphin can be reliably targeted while fishing live bait on the edge during fall, winter, and spring. When a northeast wind pushes down the reef, dolphin can be mixed in with sailfish and other game fish. Dolphin range from 3-50 pounds and grow incredibly fast. The fish travel in schools and multiple fish often cruise near the boat while eating anything thrown at them. Dolphin also make excellent table fare, and we are quick to add them to our fish box for your later enjoyment.