• Peak Season: May-August
  • Best Charter: Half Day Offshore
  • Best Technique: Trolling
  • Best Bait: Feathers
  • Table Fare: Terrible

Bonito Fishing - How to Catch Bonito

Many fisherman in South Florida put down the humble bonito, regarding it as a trash fish. We beg to differ. Many slow days deep-sea fishing offshore have been saved by the lowly bonito. They may not be great on the table but bonito fight as hard as anything, are willing to eat just about anything, and can be found as shallow as 15 feet and as deep as 300 feet. Bonito are schooling fish and can create chaos in the cockpit in short order. Hooking 7 at a time can and will happen. Live bait, dead bait, artificial lures, jigs, and soft plastics can all be productive when targeting boneheads. Bonita are usually a nuisance when kite fishing for sailfish, but they serve as great practice for beginners trying to improve their form. Bonito also make great targets for practicing light tackle fishing in Miami. Bonita range in size from 9" bullets (great bottom and swordfish baits), to 20lb monsters. They can be caught year round though the largest quantities are found in late spring through summer. Big bonito are often mistaken for blackfin tuna, but both fish often swim together so their presence isn't always a bad sign.

Bonito Fishing Miami

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