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  • Jan 6

    Miami Winter Fishing

    Published January 6th, 2016

    Sailfish Are Here- Miami Winter Fishing We live in a special place. Winter in Miami is not like the same as the rest of the country. "Cold fronts" merely drop the temperatures into the 60s and give way to sunny skies and great fishing. With the Gulf Stream keeping water temperatures well above 70 degrees during even the coldest months, our fishing stays consistent year round. With each passing cold front, more and more fish are pushed south along our coast giving way to excellent fishing and a great opportunity for our northern neighbors to escape the cold should they take a trip down here. This season has been great so far and winter of 2016 should continue to produce like all the years prior. December Fishing is definitely a consistent time of year.   Kite Fishing During Winter During summer and fall we typically find ourselves using a variety of techniques to adapt to changing conditions. During a single charter we might troll, bottom fish, sight fish, and ...

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  • Aug 14

    Summer Fishing in Miami

    Published August 14th, 2015

    Summer Fishing in Miami- Epic Mahi Bite July and August is a great time of year off Miami. Calm weather coupled with great dolphin fishing makes it an awesome time to get out on the water. Dolphin (mahi mahi) are awesome gamefish for all anglers. They are strong, tasty, ravenous, and often plentiful. As far as dolphin fishing is concerned, the last few months have been as good as it gets. Big Bull Dolphin caught during July. This is one of many we caught this size during the last few months. Big Bull Dolphin caught during July. This is one of many we caught this size during the last few months. Dolphin are schooling fish that congregate near structure in the deep, open ocean. On a typical day of dolphin fishing. we usually catch bait before heading offshore into water that is over 1000 feet deep. We usually set a trolling spread of 5 or more baits and begin covering water. We use binoculars to spot birds, floating debris, seaweed, or any ...

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  • Aug 14

    Spring Fishing Recap

    Published August 14th, 2015

    Spring Fishing Recap- April May and June We've run over 100 charters since our last report and it is safe to say that plenty of fish were caught. We were caught up in peak season working almost every day but things are finally settling down. Between fishing and boat maintenance, we definitely had our hands full. It's August while I'm writing this so I'm going to break everything down in 2 reports. This one will be a recap of spring and the following will detail some of the trips from this summer. April, May, and June were great months as usual. We caught plenty of mahi, amberjack, grouper, blackfin, sailfish, cobia, wahoo, swordfish and more. I'll post a few of our more impressive catches so we can catch up.  This 47 pound bull dolphin ate a kite bait on May 4th. After an hour fight on 20 pound line we managed to get him to the boat. This was probably the coolest fish we caught this spring and ...

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  • Mar 13

    April Fishing in Miami

    Published March 13th, 2015

    Spring is Here! If I had to choose 2 months to fish in South Florida it would be March and April. The springtime migrations are in full spring and the weather averages about 80 degrees. In addition, steady east winds push the Gulf Stream in close making for consistent fishing.   A typical day during spring with a nice mixed bag of sailfish, dolphin, and amberjack Fishing in Miami during March March has been great so far with a mixed bag of species and consistent action while kitefishing. We have been averaging 2-4 shots at sailfish per trip and have had multiple days with 5 or more shots. The great thing about targeting sailfish is that we use light tackle and live bait to target these fish. This puts us in a position to catch plenty of other species including dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, blackfin tuna, cobia, and more. We have been averaging 5-10 dolphin fish per trip and have had several trips where we catch over 20 while kitefishing. In addition, we have had ...

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  • Jan 15

    December Fishing Reports Miami

    Published January 15th, 2015

    Winter Fishing Report in Miami With frigid temperatures across much of the US, charters really pick up beginning in December. We have been very busy during the last few months so we haven't had much time to report. The fishing has been good and it has been a pretty mellow winter down here in Miami. Fall was actually chilly by our standards but the cold fronts were few and far between during most of December and now January. Light winds and a high temperature near 80 degrees on most days has made fishing very comfortable. We have been catching countless species from sailfish to golden tile fish offshore and snook and redfish inshore. One of the many sails to be had this winter Great Fishing all Winter Long Offshore- The fishing has been consistent offshore. Grouper season closed at midnight on December 31st but tile fish opened the next day. We don't mind the trade off because tilefish are equally delicious and fun to catch. The picture below is ...

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  • Nov 3

    Miami Daytime Swordfishing Charters

    Published November 3rd, 2014

    Fall Swordfish Action Miami Daytime Swordfishing Charters Daytime Swordfishing Aboard the Blue Yonder Our Miami daytime swordfishing charters offer both electric and manual methods of getting hooked up to big broad bill swordfish. Since September we've experienced a consistent run of calm fishing days coupled with multiple swordfish bites as Fall took full effect. Over the course of four trips we were fortunate enough to have produced 7 bites which were all eventually brought to the boat. The onset of Fall signals many different migrations in South Florida, including a push of larger swordfish. While some individuals are still tried and true night time diehards, we have focused our efforts on capturing the elusive broad-bills where they hunt during the day. Our daytime fishery is easier and more comfortable to access, less wear on our passengers, and offers clearer shots of big fish in great visibility. We usually fish in depths reaching 1500'-1900' and employ a single bait on the bottom. Atleast 12lbs of lead is considered standard, and more ...

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  • Sep 3

    Summer Swordfishing in Miami

    Published September 3rd, 2014

    Late Summer Fishing Report Deep Sea Fishing Late summer always brings about shifting conditions that can make the fishing a bit difficult to forecast. If the current and wind align, you may have a chance at catching a sailfish on the edge, with kingfish, snapper, sharks, and big amberjacks not out of the question. If the wind settles and the current moves out deep, then dolphin are usually our go to option. Every so often though a group of anglers will decide they want to try to catch something different. Something larger. If they're up for the challenge, then well head east towards the contours lying in 1550-2000' where the swordfish congregate. Summer swordfishing in Miami isn't easy, but when everything lines up, the results can be very rewarding. Miami Swordfishing Swordfish are some of the biggest and baddest predators swimming offshore our coast. By day these fish swim near the bottom in over 1600' of water, and at night they rise to the surface to feed. With the ...

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  • Jul 14

    Catching Dolphin in Miami

    Published July 14th, 2014

    Summertime Fishing Report Offshore Fishing- Dolphin (mahi/dorado) are caught year round off Miami. During winter and spring however, these fish are typically bycatch. Summertime in Miami involves a completely different type of fishing. Calm winds and warm weather leads to changes in migrations and behavior of fish locally. From mid June-September we typically stow the kites and switch gears into mahi mode. We typically take advantage of the calm seas while covering ground and looking for schools of fish under birds as well as floating debris. Catching dolphin in Miami is a ton of fun for anglers of all skill levels.   As expected, the mahi fishing has been steady since June offshore. The fish have been traveling in big schools. While many of the fish have been shorts (under the legal 20'' minimum), there have still been plenty of keepers around. In addition, the wreck fishing has been good with almaco jacks and amberjack to 50 pounds. Most of our bites have been on deep wrecks with big baits. We ...

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  • May 27

    Kite Fishing for Tuna in Miami

    Published May 27th, 2014

    Spring Fishing Report 5/27 It’s been quite a while since the last report but here it is. As usual spring never fails to impress. April and May are two of my favorite times of year to fish off Miami as we catch a variety of species and sometimes put up impressive numbers. We kite fished the last few months and had some memorable charters. Kite fishing for tuna in Miami is a springtime phenomena that never fails to disappoint. Catching blackfin tuna from 20-30lbs on light tackle and enjoying tuna steaks and fresh sushi after the charter never gets old. The tuna fishing stayed productive all throughout May with sailfish and more mixed in. We also caught cobia, mutton snapper, mahi, kings, and more. On the flats we crushed the seatrout with the novice anglers and had shots at permit, mutton snapper, and bonefish during a few sight fishing trips. A quick recap: On April 4th we caught 3 Spotted Seatrout to 21’’ on ultralight tackle and fly ...

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  • Mar 27

    Kite Fishing in Miami

    Published March 27th, 2014

    Springtime Fishing Report Hands down the most effective way to present multiple live baits for offshore big game fish in South Florida is by using a fishing kite. Kite Fishing in Miami is a surefire method of attracting the attention of virtually every predatory species down here. Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Dolphin (mahi mahi), Kingfish, Wahoo, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, and many more all go bananas for the distressed vibrations of bait fish presented right on the surface. By using two properly weighted and tuned kites, fisherman are capable of presenting 6 frisky live baits on the surface, with 8 not out of the question (if you're brave enough). Deep Sea Fishing Aboard the Blue Yonder Kite Fishing Tackle When presented properly very little terminal tackle is visible in the water, meaning anglers can use whatever tackle they desire. Our approach (as is standard in the industry) is to use 6 high speed conventional reels backed with 500 yards of Bullbuster Braid, and then filled to the brim with 20lb Kitevis monofilament. These reels are ...

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