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Best Time of Year to Fish Miami

Published February 26th, 2020

I get this question a lot and to be honest, we have great fishing year round. The answer is rather subjective because your definition of great fishing may largely depend on your preference. For some people, catching 60 dolphin on a warm summer day is the trip of a lifetime. Others might want to knock billfish off their bucket list and could care less for meat. Personally, I love catching billfish and the by-catch while kite fishing always keeps things exciting. If I had to pick 2 months of the year to fish, March and April would be my top choice.

sailfish flags
Flags symbolize the number of sailfish released during a trip. This is one of many double digit days we have had during spring.

Springtime off Miami 

Spring is a stellar time of year with a great mix of variety, quality, and quantity of fish. We definitely have slower days when the current is lighter than expected or the wind direction is less than favorable but overall spring time can be very consistent. Don't get me wrong, an average day in November could be better than a slow day in March but our logbooks show considerable increase in sailfish releases. We recently won a few awards with The Billfish Foundation for most tagged sailfish in the Atlantic. A large number of these fish were caught from November-May but we did have a period during April where we caught at least 10 sailfish per trip on 4 consecutive days. We also finished the year with exactly 10 double digit sailfish days all of which were accomplished from February-May.

Spring fishing off Miami predominantly involves kite fishing for sailfish but luckily this techniques involves live bait and light tackle. Because of the presentation, sailfishing isn't a one or none type of fishery like dragging big bait for marlin. While targeting sails, there are a number of different species that often crash the party. Cobia, wahoo, kingfish, mutton snapper, dolphin, tuna, and more are always a possibility while kite fishing. In addition to fishing 6 baits on the surface, we like to cover the water column while fishing for sails so nothing slips by.

springtime blackfinPair of big springtime blackfin tuna. Blackfin are a smaller species of tuna than their cousins but pound for pound they fight extremely hard 

Book in Advanced

Stellar spring fishing happens to coincide with spring break so this is an extremely busy time of year. I can be difficult to reach over the phone but luckily we have an online booking system here: Booking System. This is the best way to lock in a trip but you can also reach me on the phone with additional questions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience some of the best fishing Miami has to offer. Lock in your trip today!

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