Miami Fishing Reports

  • Mar 24

    Wahoo Fishing in Miami

    Published March 24th, 2012

    Left the dock at 7:30 and headed to the cut for bait. We netted pilchards on the flats then caught a few threads and headed out. There wasn't enough wind to fly the kites and the conditions looked terrible on the edge (helium on the kites was the back up plan). Further south it was better but the decision was made not to run due to time constraints. We bump trolled livies while we looked for current and decided to do a bit of trolling instead. We put out a spread of swimming ballyhoo and feathers then began trolling east until we found current. There was blue water outside of 350' so we headed south and zigzagged the contour from 350'-600'. We heard reports lately that the wahoo fishing in Miami had picked up, so we decided to pull natural baits instead of our typical artificial spread (wahoo are much more likely to eat ballyhoo and mullet at slower trolling speeds). The first hit was a solid strike on the shotgunned ...

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  • Mar 17

    Snook Fishing Charters in Flamingo

    Published March 17th, 2012

    Snook Fishing in Flamingo We left the ramp pretty early and headed west to Flamingo. We had to do some searching for clean water because the past few weeks of wind had things pretty murky. We finally got away from the chocolate milk buy hiding from the wind and went to work. We threw an assortment of lures but as usual, the homemade bucktails produced the most. We had pretty solid action and put together a mixed bag in no time. The biggest snook ate a shrimp tail on a jig head. Snook More Snook Redfish Nice Snook Big Trout It was blowing pretty hard the whole time and it was pretty warm. The action and weather should continue to heat up during the coming months. Monster snook are on the prowl during the warmest months of the year, making sight fishing possible, and lunker snook incredibly likely to bite. Landing a beast on light tackle is something you're not soon to forget on one of our snook fishing ...

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  • Mar 14

    Full Day Miami Fishing Charters

    Published March 14th, 2012

    Full Day Miami Fishing Charters give us our best shot at finding the fish, especially when everyone has tight schedules. Today we left the dock at first light and headed to the cut for bait. We loaded up on pilchards and a few threadfin then headed out. There was green water out past 300 so we made the decision to troll south. We picked up 2 dolphin and caught a bonito along the way. (a 5lb dolphin and one was released) We eventually made it further south then popped up two kites with 6 baits. We had a couple cutoffs then missed a sail on the short kite bait. After a few more minutes we started catching dolphin. We ended up catching several mahi and a remora before moving back south and resetting for a final drift. We had now caught 4 dolphin (3 in the box, 1 released) as well as 2 bonito. On our last drift we ended up catching another bonito, 2 keeper dolphin and we released one more. In addition, we caught a 12lb ...

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  • Mar 9

    Half Day Miami Fishing Charter

    Published March 9th, 2012

    We left the dock at about 1:30 for an afternoon half day fishing charter. The trip started at about 1:30 with us looking for bait. Bait had been tough all day so we went to government cut and started looking around. Ended up getting about a dozen threadies at a range marker. Also got about 6 runners and 4 cigar minnows. We had enough bait for the 3 hours of sunlight and ran south. We set up about 1/2 mile south of the can in 100'. We knew the fish would be pushed in after a week of 25+ knot east winds. We popped up 2 kites with 6 baits. There was about 2 knots of north current and 2-4 foot seas. Wind was laying down and only blowing about 15 knots. We slowly started bumping out and hooked into a sail in about 120'. David Grossman was on the reel and after a few minutes he caught his first sail. Midway through the fight, another sail demolished a cigar minnow but missed the hook.   David's First Sail We ran right ...

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  • Jan 21

    Charters for Sailfish Tournaments in Miami

    Published January 21st, 2012

    Sailfish Tournament Fished a club tournament aboard the Blue Yonder. Charters for sailfish tournaments in Miami are always a blast from beginning to end. It was a one day event with sailfish being the target. There were 42 total boats fishing. There was a south breeze at about 5 knots and a trickle of north current. We popped up 2 kites with helium right off Fowey and began the waiting game. Our first fish was a 5 pound dolphin that one of our gogs couldn't escape. We bumped out to 190' after seeing a free jumper and this fish managed to find our spread. We popped him off as he swam at the boat for a quick release. After another long lull, we plucked another fish in 175'. (most boats were fishing shallower) We got a pic of this guy, though we didn't boat him. We kept at it and caught a 3rd little rat in 150' right off the can. Pulled him to quickly untangle the mess he made, then revived and released him. ...

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  • Jan 9

    Charter Fishing in Miami

    Published January 9th, 2012

    Charter Fishing in Miami allow for many different species to be taken with a variety of methods. Today we expected to bottomfish, kitefish, and drift fish for species like sailfish, dolphin, tuna, wahoo, and kingfish. We left the dock at 7:00 and headed to bug. We made quick work of the bait and got a few dozen threadfin and a bunch of pilchards in the well. We then made our way out to about 130', just east of Fowey. The wind was out of the east at about 15 knots and there was a trickle of north current. We popped up 2 kites and began the waiting game. After about 30 minutes, a big turtle surfaced in the middle of our spread. We had an instant double header of gaffer dolphin (they were following the turtle). We lost one near the boat, then gaffed the bull. Ralphie was ecstatic with his biggest dolphin to date. (25 lb bull.) We reset both kites with fresh baits and after a while longer, we had a nice sail inhale ...

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  • Jan 5

    Kite Fishing with Bullbuster Monofilament

    Published January 5th, 2012

    Kite Fishing in Miami After spending the night before prepping our tackle for a day of practice fishing, we once again were going to be kite fishing with Bullbuster Monofilament. The first real cold front of the season moved through that night and the plan was to capitalize on what we hoped would be some excellent sailfish conditions in the morning. After everyone arrived at the boat and stashed away their personal items, we started up the engines, un-cleated the dock lines and headed out. Catching Bait in Miami Bait was once again thick at bug light and we loaded up with big pilchards, threadfin herring, and a few hard tails. When the wind is blowing greater than about 15 knots, we prefer to put in the time necessary to catch larger baitfish. Even though sailfish may prefer a different sized bait on any given day, we like to hang larger baits on our furthest kite clips to grab the attention of a passing pack of fish. We had not heard ...

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  • Dec 21

    December Fishing For Sailfish

    Published December 21st, 2011

    December Fishing For Sailfish Not too many boats had been out this week. The winter rush of business or "peak season" usually begins around Christmas and lasts until the 4th of July. Either way, we got booked for a midweek half day and were hoping to make a report rather than hear one. The wind was blowing 15-20 knots out of the east and was pretty warm for late December. The plan was to get a solid amount of bait to kite fish for sails and maybe live chum a little bit. We went out of government cut and loaded up on big pilchards then got a few threads as well. The livewell was blacked out so we punched it to the edge. We went right out front and set up on a hard edge in 110'. There was zero current. Worked our way out to 190 and back into the edge which was now in 140'. Had one window shopping small sail and had a king sky our bait. With ...

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  • Sep 11

    Early Season Sailfish

    Published September 11th, 2011

    Early Season Sailfish Sailfish are always a trip maker. Regardless of the time of year, these fish are always a welcome surprise. Between their long runs and acrobatic displays, sailfish are definitely one of the premier gamefish off of Miami. Below is a story about an early season sailfish bite. Sailfish on the Troll Like most trips, we started with a bit of bait fishing. We went out and picked up some hard tails at bug shortly after first light. They aren't our favorite bait but they'll do. After making bait we traveled to the edge and put out a trolling spread. The spread consisted of six swimming ballyhoo, two of which off planers. We started fishing in 190' on the dirty side of a color change, the shotgunned swimmer doubled over then went slack. Seconds later, the fish came back and this time I was on it for the drop back. I expected a bonehead but a nice sail started greyhounding. We handed the rod off to one ...

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