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Summer Dolphin Fishing off Miami

Published June 15th, 2022

The summer doldrums are here bringing calmer wind and warmer weather. June-September is typically the calmest time of year off Miami with slicked-out days being the norm rather than the exception. We may sneak in a few days of kite fishing but they are pretty much stowed until the coming fall. Our best bet for most of the summer involves trolling/ sight fishing for dolphin and bottom fishing.

dolphin on the gaff

Dolphin Fishing off Miami

While targeting dolphin we usually venture 10-20 miles offshore while looking for birds, floating debris, seaweed, turtles, and more. The ocean is essentially a desert and any piece of structure drifting by is an oasis for baitfish and in turn, predators to congregate. While looking for fish, we usually troll 4-6 lines with a captain in the tower and a mate looking through binoculars. As you can see below, we have a very high vantage point from our tuna tower so not much is able to sneak past us.

view from the tower 

When we are able to spot a fish (or school), we usually pitch a live bait on a spinning rod. The pic below is an example of a free-swimming dolphin before we pitch it a bait.

dolphin swimming

Once we hook up one fish, it usually sets us up for multiples since dolphin typically travel in schools. When we get in a school, it helps to leave one fish in the water and pitch to the fish following it. Sometimes the fish swim alone or in pairs but the biggest schools we've seen can have over 100 fish swimming in them. If you work quickly and efficiently you can fill up the box in no time on a big school. 

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