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Miami Fishing Reports

  • Feb 26

    Winter Sailfishing off Miami- Epic Bite

    Published February 26th, 2013

    The Winter Sailfishing Has Been Phenomenal The past week we had a stellar bite off Miami. Sailfish, tarpon, snook, swordfish, and more were caught. The fishing picked up following the first genuinely significant cold front of the year. With a few more cold fronts heading our way, expect it to get even better. Weather- There are several cold fronts moving into our area. Temperatures will be dropping into the low 50s at night and the low 70s during the day starting on Thursday night (Feb. 28th) and lasting until at least mid next week. These cold fronts will be accompanied by light to moderate north winds. What does this imply for fishing in Miami for the next few weeks? Perfect weather and lots of fish. Winter sailfishing at its finest. Offshore Fishing- The fishing during the past week was phenomenal. The average boat caught 5-10 sailfish per day with dolphin and kingfish mixed in (we caught 6 sailfish, 2 kingfish, and 10 dolphin on Wednesday). We even heard a few reports of up ...

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  • Oct 21

    Sailfishing Charters in Miami

    Published October 21st, 2012

    Catching Sailfish in Miami Went out for a late afternoon trip from Coconut Grove for one of the first Sailfishing Charters in Miami this year. We hit Bug Light for bait and after a little while we caught enough spanish sardines and cigar minnows for the evening trip offshore. For kitefishing we usually employ baits that are around 5-6". This way they are large enough to make a commotion and attract the attention of nearby predators. Our baits today weren't very big kite baits but they would definitely do... We also netted some ballyhoo and we were off. We had some time constraints so we went straight out front and put up 2 kites with 6 baits. Right off the bat we caught a nice mackerel and a skipjack tuna in 120'. After a decent lull in the action we had drifted north of Key Biscayne. At this point we noticed decent current rip had pushed out with the tide and conditions were improving. We had begun to see signs of ...

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  • Jun 18

    Miami Sailfishing Charters

    Published June 18th, 2012

    Kite fishing is the name of the game on every one of our Miami sailfishing charters. By using kites, we are able to suspend 3 baits from one kite line, keeping frisky live baits struggling on the surface. 2 kites, 6 baits, and blue offshore waters make for serious sailfishing conditions, especially when you add wind and North current to the equation. Clear skies and an 18 knot ENE wind made it seem like midwinter in South Florida, not mid June. The weather was perfect for popping the kites up, so after spending some time loading the wells (pilchards were thick 1/4mile off bug) we headed out. Dirty water and sargasso were everywhere out front so we headed south. We finally found a rip in 190 with cleaner water a few miles south of fowey and popped the kites up. We had a cutoff right off the bat, then a pair of small dolphin came through. One munched the right mid and stole the bait then came to the right short where he found the ...

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  • Apr 28

    Sailfishing with the Billfish Foundation

    Published April 28th, 2012

    We left the dock at about 7:00 am and headed off into rough seas and rainy weather excited for the day ahead. Today we were accompanied by Andrew Cox from The Billfish Foundation and 3 of his friends. Needless to say we were excited for a day of sailfishing with the Billfish Foundation. We headed to Bug light where there were mats of pilchards on the sounder. We loaded up with enough bait to fish the whole day and live chum a little bit as well. We headed to the edge and popped the kites up in about 150'. We soaked baits for about 45 minutes without a hit. We were fishing just to the south of another boat who hooked up and slid right offshore. Just after, we scooted behind them and to the north then instantly hooked up in 160'. Andy was on the reel with his first sailfish. The sail put on a show greyhounding in circles but he was eventually subdued. We were now 1/1 on sails. We moved south and reset ...

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  • Apr 24

    Sailfishing in Miami

    Published April 24th, 2012

    It was a gorgeous morning to spend the day Sailfishing in Miami. We left the dock at 7:30 with Johnny, Blake, and Steve on board. Winds were blowing about 15 knots out of the north and it was a cool April morning. If north current was present on the edge the late cold front would hopefully get the sails chewing. We headed to bug to catch bait. The pilchards were about an eighth of a mile south of the mark and were moving very fast. We had to move around at 6 knots until we painted them on the sounder and drop sabikis on the bait ball. As soon as you got a few strings, the bait moved and we got to chase them again. After about an hour of bait fishing, we ran to about 130' just south of Fowey. The current was moving north at 2.5 knots and the water color was good, although there wasn't a defined edge.We put the kites up and it didn't take long... While i ...

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