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Miami Fishing Reports

  • Sep 20

    Daytime Swordfishing Miami

    Published September 20th, 2012

    We were pretty pumped to be back out after a solid 0 minutes of sleep. We had new guests for this outing and we were once again optimistic about the sword bite. Swordfishing can be done by day and by night, but the thrill of daytime swordfishing Miami rivals none. Big fish are present, and the fishery can be done without losing sleep. Catching a fish the night prior definitely helped morale despite the sleep deprivation, and the attraction of boating a big swordfish pushed us forward. Getting to the Swordfish From where we were docked our target area was around 30 miles away. After departing the marina we made our way to the edge of the Gulfstream, finally slowing when we saw blue water. From here we trolled from the edge to about 500' and caught 2 football blackfin in the process. Already content with a bit of table fare and the skunk off the boat, we ran the rest of the way to the grounds. The winds were picking up out of ...

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  • Sep 19

    Nighttime Swordfishing off Miami

    Published September 19th, 2012

    Swordfishing at Night We headed out after a late start. We had high hopes given the moon condition and time of year. There were decent reports to the north from a week prior and we were pretty optimistic about our chances of catching a Swordfish. The wind was light and variable which would end up being a bit of a curse but it certainly made for a tranquil night. Swordfishing in Miami at night is a very effectve way of connecting with a swordfish when the rise nearer to the surface to feed. We got to the grounds and set our spread. At first the winds were out of the south but after setting the spread they switched to the west with a nearby storm. This blew us a bit off the numbers and after a long unproductive drift we reset a tad shallower. Drifting for Swords Our next drift was a bit more interesting. We were lined up perfectly and got the spread oriented accordingly with the northeast wind. ...

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