Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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Fishing Photos with Double Threat Charters

What separates a fish story from the truth? Getting a picture of your catch! Here at Double Threat Charters, we recognize the importance of getting a great picture of the fish our clients catch. There is no better way to secure and share the memory of a lifetime than through photographic evidence. Check out our gallery and feel free to scroll down for techniques to get the best fishing pictures.

Essentials for a great fishing picture

Taking a great photo of our client's catch isn't as cut and dry as one might think. There are a number of crucial factors going into the perfect photo. Below, i'll outline some of the secrets that go into making the perfect picture.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is the number one way to make or break a picture. When taking a picture of a trophy fish, always make sure the sun is behind the photographer. Sometimes this involves walking to the other side of the boat or maneuvering the vessel to get the person holding the fish out of the shade. With more lighting, the fish will pop much more and the photo will end up being much more crisp.

Make sure the fish has color

Another important factor is the condition of the fish. We like to make sure the fish have color when taking a picture. This isn't as easy as it sounds however. Most people might think to put their fish in the box and take a picture later. What they don't realize is that as time passes, the fish will lose color and turn more brown. In addition, the ice will begin to bruise the fish as it cools unevenly. There are two ways to make sure a fish has color. The best way is to take the picture soon after the fish comes out of the water while it is still "green." This isn't the easiest approach because the fish will usually be going crazy. It is best to use gloves and often times use several people to hold a "green" fish. If a fish is going crazy and it is too dangerous to take a picture right away, it is best to box the fish and take the picture later. This is also a good option if you find yourself in a big school of fish and you don't have time to take the picture.

Use a good slush

Properly icing your fish is important for photographing the day's haul or taking pictures of fish after the action has subsided. In addition, icing fish properly is important for taking care of the meat. On our boat, we like to use at least 100 pounds of ice per day and plug the cooler so the water can't get out. Before we start fishing, we add 2 5 gallon buckets of sea water. This creates a "slush" which cools the fish very well and also keeps most of their color until the end of the day. Instead of sitting on top of the ice, the fish sink into the slush.

Hold the fish properly

Holding the fish properly is extremely important for a great photo. Make sure the fish are being held so their flat side is facing the camera. Also, be sure to stick the fish out. You don't want your elbows locked but it helps to stick the fish out a little. If the fish is too big, use as many people as necessary to hold it out

If you come out fishing with us we will make sure all the proper steps are taken to capture the best photos and send them to you after the trip. Hopefully we'll be fishing together soon!