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Mullet Run Snook Rigs

Published September 24th, 2018

Mullet Run Snook Rigs

Late summer and early fall brings about the annual mullet migration.  From the Carolinas to south Florida, millions of black and silver mullet migrate down the coastline and then offshore to spawn.  This massive migration is quite the spectacle to see and provides excellent opportunities for fisherman on land and at sea.  Mullet are a favorite forage for snook and they are both found in brackish backwaters and tributaries.  When the two species collide in massive numbers, you’ll want to be in on the action.  Acre size bait schools come under attack at all hours of the day, usually peaking around the sunrise and sunset.  There are a couple different ways to target snook during the mullet run, so let’s examine some different tactics and the rigs you’ll need to maximize your success.  

Mullet Run MiamiSurf Fishing:

One of my personal favorite ways to target snook is on the beach during the mullet run.  The bait is usually concentrated right along the shore break, the area snook are patrolling and looking for food.  Beaches provide little structure for fish to hide in.  The wide open area lets anglers fish lighter tackle than normal for snook.  For targeting snook on the beach I often freeline a live mullet on 40# leader material.  In rougher surf conditions I will attach a 4 oz lead to a small dropper loop 4 feet from the hook.  The benefit to a weight is that it will prevent the bait from washing ashore or leaping and escaping a hungry snook. Additionally, it will keep your bait right in the strike zone at the edge of the shore break. Here’s a great all around light action setup for snook fishing from the beach.
Rod: 7’ medium power fast action.  
Reel: 4000-6000 class Spinning Reel
Line: 10-20lb mono or braid
Leader: 30-50lb mono
Hook: 5/0-9/0 Circle hook

Beach Snook Rig
Jetty Fishing:

Inlet jetties are excellent spots to target snook.  In early summer snook leave the backwaters and stage in inlets in south Florida to spawn.  After the spawn, many snook remain in the area and nearby beaches due to the abundance of bait.  The outgoing tides in September and October often bring large mullet pods. When fishing off the jetty, scale up on leader material and go with mono main line.  Rocky structure provides the snook limitless places to run and potentially snag or chaff your line.  For this reason, light braided lines may not withstand the sharp edges and barnacles they encounter.  Furthermore, it’s best to get the bait subsurface and down to the snook, but not snagging the bottom.  Try a 2-3 oz lead, cast the bait up current, and work it downcurrent either bumping the bottom or getting close to it as possible.  Try this setup for snook fishing in the inlet or on the jetty:
Rod: 7-9 foot medium heavy- heavy power rods
Reel: 6000-8000 class spinning reels or 20-30 class conventional reels
Line: 20-30 lb mono or 80 lb braid
Leader: 60-100lb mono
Hook:  5/0-9/0 Circle hook
Check out our species profile page for more info on snook.  To check out or buy the tackle we use, click to view the models and options of the Penn Spinfisher V.  

Fishfinder Rig for Snook

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