• Peak Season: Summer 
    daytime snook
  • Best Charter:Evening-Nighttime Tarpon/Snook
  • Best Technique: Fishing Inlets, Casting Mangroves
  • Best Bait: Pinfish, Lures
  • Table Fare: Excellent

Snook Fishing Miami

Most every structure that can be found in south Florida has at one point held a snook. Mangroves, fallen trees, bridge and dock pilings, rock outcroppings, sandbars, grass flats, reefs, wrecks, bridges, jetties and more all create eddying currents that snook favor. Snook are ambush feeders that wait for fish and crustaceans to pass by before they inhale them. Snook fishing in Flamingo entails pitching artificial lures and buck tail jigs across mangrove points and coves to entice these fish. Bait is typically not necessary when Snook fishing in Flamingo. Light spinning and casting tackle rated for 12lb line and filled with braided line offers a small powerful combo that can efficiently pull snook out from barnacle encrusted structure that would otherwise cut you off. When on a snook fishing charter, we'll rig you with 40lb monofilament leaders attached to bucktail jigs, soft plastics, and surface lures to throw at likely hiding spots where the big snook lie.

Snook Fishing ChartersSnook Fishing Miami

In a more urban setting, snook frequent the inlets, bridges, and canal systems adjacent to some of Miami's most well-recognized areas. Snook fishing in Miami means fishing near South Beach. Haulover and Government Cut are home to large populations of breeding sized fish that inhale live baits in a hurry. Unlike the light tackle fishing in Flamingo, we use offshore grade spinning gear filled with braided line and 60-80lb Bullbuster leaders to keep the odds in our favor. The warmest months are your best bet when targeting snook in Miami. They are intolerant of cold water, so whether fishing Flamingo or Miami, cold water drives the fish deeper and gives them terrible cases of laziness and lockjaw. Snook range in size from 3-50 pounds and are one of Florida's most recognized game fish. A thick black lateral line runs from head to tail, giving snook an incredible sense of vibrations and movement—nothing gets by them unnoticed. Nighttime snook and tarpon charters offer our customers a myriad of opportunities to capture lunker snook and silver kings right in Miami's backyard. The mullet run is a great time of year to capture snook. Read more about mullet run snook rigs by clicking the link.