Miami Fishing Reports

Summer Fishing on Fire

Published July 24th, 2017

Summer fishing in Miami is a great time to get out with friends or family regardless of their experience level. Summertime is the calmest time of year as the summer doldrums set in. Mornings are usually slick calm and we sometimes have afternoon showers to cool off. In addition to calm weather, summertime is the best time of year for mahi-mahi fishing. Mahi-mahi aka dolphin fish usually travel in big packs. Sometimes bigger fish will travel in mating pairs but "schoolies" might travel in schools as big as a few hundred. If we run into a big school of mahi things go from 0-100 very quickly. Below is a nice bull mahi caught this month. 

In addition to catching mahi, we sometimes like to deep drop for swordfish during full days in summer. Swordfishing definitely involves some patience but sometimes we get lucky and catch one during the first few drops. Unlike sailfish and marlin, swordfish are great eating. It's nice to enjoy such an amazing sportfish without sacrificing table-fare. Swordfish also get much bigger than sailfish. They average about 100 pounds during the day and we've caught them as big as 400 pounds. The fish below was a nice one caught this July. 

The mahi fishing has been steady this summer with us catching about 20 fish per trip average. We've also caught some nice swordfish to keep things interesting. The dolphin and swordfish should stay steady through October. Give us a call and we'll get you out there!

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