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SFE Kite Reviews

Published June 16th, 2021

Product- SFE Kites

Rating- 5 Stars 

Material- Polyester blend fabric, carbon fiber spars

We consider SFE Kites to be the most durable and versatile brand of fishing kite on the water. Kite fishing is a highly effective technique that essentially uses kites as an outrigger (or up-rigger) to suspend baits on the surface. The technique has been revolutionized in the last 20 years, especially off Miami and has become a staple for the local tournament fishermen and charter captains.

SFE Kite Models

SFE Makes a variety of different kites for varying wind conditions. We have 3-4 of every model so we can have redundancy during all wind conditions and sea-states. 

SFE Extra Light Wind Fishing Kite (5-15 knots) 

This kite is 38'' x 38'' which is actually the largest kite they make. The extra square-footage allows for more lift in lighter wind conditions. This is actually an awesome kite because it flies in as low as 5-8 knots but it can withstand gusts as high as 15-18 knots. This range is important when we are met with rapidly changing conditions, squalls, etc. 

extra light sfe

SFE All Wind Kite (8-20 knots)

The original "all wind" kite flies in all winds from 5 to 25 MPH. To say this is a true "all wind" kite would be a bit of a stretch. If it is blowing 20 knots or more, this kite is definitely put to the limit and it can put a lot of stress on your electric reel. We have noticed that this kite has only a bit more range than the extra light but it is worth having in the arsenal. 

all wind sfe

SFE 40 Hole Fishing Kite (15-22 knots)

No kite is perfect but we do find that this kite does a great job taking the stress off your tackle and crew when the wind exceeds pushes your all wind to the limit.

40 hole sfe

SFE Large Hole 40 Hole Fishing Kite (18-25 knots)

This is a great kite for that 18-25 knot range. It's tough paying the extra money for such a marginal improvement in range but we do find days where this kite really is ideal especially if you are looking to fine tune your spread.

big hole 40 sfeSFE 52 Hole 23-28 knots Ex-Heavy Kite

This is the kite designed by SFE for the heaviest wind possible. It basically just has more holes. They advertise it as their heaviest wind kite but it doens't fly very well once you are approaching 30 knots. We find that the Gale Force Bob Lewis is really the ideal kite in a gale.

52 hole sfe

Bridle Adjustments and Lead

For all SFE kites, opening the bridle (moving it toward the user) will generate more lift and cause the kite to fly higher. This can be good for tweaking the kite if you use an open bridle and lead the corner. A bridle that is too open will cause the kite to wobble quite a bit. If this is the case, feel free to close the bridle a touch so it stabilizes.

Moving the bridle toward the kite or "closing" the bridle is a method to have the kite fly lower. This works for all the SFE kites.

Other Kite Fishing Brands

There a few brands of kites on the market including Bob Lewis Kites, Tigress, Pearl Kites, and SFE. 

For very high wind, we do like the Bob Lewis Gale Force Kite and this is the primary off brand kite we use. 

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