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Miami Fishing Charter Lodging

Published June 14th, 2021

When people think of Miami, sunny Miami Beach is the first to come to mind. Sure, you can’t go wrong with a few days laying on the beach. To really appreciate what Miami has to offer however, we encourage you to look beyond South Beach.

Miami has a number of different locations in Dade County that are all excellent options depending on your preference.

The primary locations you can stay in Miami and their locations to us are as follows:

Miami Beach- 22 Min, 13 Miles

Key Biscayne- 18 Min, 9.2 Miles

Downtown Miami- 11 Min, 5.4 Miles

Brickell- 11 Min, 3.8 Miles

Coconut Grove- 0 Mins

Staying on Miami Beach

Just 22 minutes from our location in Coconut Grove, Miami Beach is a popular option for our guests. With too many hotels to count and an abundance of activities for the family, this is a great option. 

Miami Beach has some pros and cons depending on your preference. Most hotels have a resort feel but you will also see resort prices. This is without a doubt the most expensive part of Miami so don’t fall into a tourist trap. To some extent, you’ll get what you pay for but be careful with tiny boutique hotels. Definitely read up on reviews before you go, be prepared for expensive parking or none at all, and make sure you pay off your credit card balance before heading down to the beach.

The nightlife on the Beach is pretty wild and overwhelming for most. If you do decide to go out on the beach, expect a late night and massive tab.

Top 5 Star Pick

The One Hotel-

Staying in Coconut Grove

To some degree, Coconut Grove is the opposite of Miami Beach when it comes to “Miami” standards. It is very centrally located and we’re a bit biased because it’s where we keep our boat. With that being said, it has some objective pros and cons.

Coconut Grove has quite a few hotels and restaurants but maintains more of a neighborhood feel than the beach. If you’re looking to avoid the stress, the Grove is a great place to stay and you are just 20 minutes from the beach if you want to hop in an Uber and go explore.

The nightlife in Coconut Grove is pretty casual and not nearly as posh or intense as South Beach. 

Top 5 Star Pick

The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove-

Downtown Miami & Brickell

For you city folks, downtown, or preferably Brickell certainly has its appeal. It’s just 15 minutes from Miami Beach 15 minutes from the Grove, and there are some very nice hotels in the area. If you open Uber eats or look online, you’ll realize you have a catalog of restaurants to choose from, many of which can be delicious. Brickell also has some of the better nightlife in the area with a mix of both locals and tourists so that’s a plus depending on your group. 

Top 5 Star Pick

Mandarin, Oriental Miami-

Staying on Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is like a mini Miami Beach and a decent option for the family, if you’re looking to spend some time on the beach in a less frantic atmosphere, Key Biscayne is a decent bet. Coconut Grove is just 20 minutes from the Key if you’ll be deep sea fishing with us. If you’re inshore fishing, you’ll usually be leaving from Key Biscayne so this is actually the ideal location.

Top 5 Star Pick

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne-

Overall you can’t go wrong anywhere in Miami but you should consider the age and preferences of your family before you book.   

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