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Wow! What an amazing day. We caught 7 sail fish and lost probably 5 more. Hooked into some black fin tuna, king mackerel, Bonita and Amberjack as well. Best day of deep sea fishing ever. Well worth the money we spent! Take these guys and go catch em all. You won’t regret it!!!!

Superb fishing experience for our family of 4! Caught fish after fish the entire time. Nick and Chris were accommodating and friendly! Thanks for a great family day.

Trip of a lifetime. Captain John is awesome and super fun to fish with. My husband caught fish on his 3rd cast! Highly recommend and we already want to go again.

Captain Nick and the crew did a fantastic job all day for us. Their attention to detail put us in great position to have a successful day. We have fished for along time, but never had the type of success that we had today with sailfish. Thanks again!

Had an amazing experience fishing. Seems like we didn’t stop once and kept hooking on. Both the mate and captain were great and this is probably the best time I had fishing.

The fishing trip with double threat charters was absolutely amazing and completely worth the money. The captain and mate worked nonstop in order to get us hooked onto fish. We were able to hook onto plenty of fish including sail fish, king mackerel and bonita and it was a blast reeling everything in. I wouldn’t even think about using any other boat in Miami and will be flying down again soon to go on this trip. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good charter.

Was a great experience I life time fishing trip the crew was great and they for sure know what they where doing had everyone hooked up right away and through out the day was a great trip and would definitely go again well worth it.

We had a great time. The crew was super cool. We were on fish within 5 -10 minutes. First catch was a 7ft sail fish. A fish of a lifetime!!!! Unfortunately we had to cut our time short because a few of us got sea sick so we asked to go back in. Winds were 20mph. We knew ahead of time that would probably happen, But we are super glad we went. Their website is right, when they say they tournament style fish the whole time. They put in alot of effort and definitely know what their doing. Thanks, we will see yall during the summer.

Today me and 5 of my friends and family went out for a 3/4 day and had the best time. We were put on two over 80 inch sail fish and had the potential to keep catching them. Nick and Ryan worked their asses off the whole time we were on the water. I highly recommend going with Double Threat fishing charters.

My wife Sherry and I had an amazing day fishing with Ryan and Chris. We were blessed to have landed 4/5 sails and two were giants. I did a lot of research prior to booking this bucket list trip and knew that Double Threat had the knowledge and was going to work hard to make our dream trip happen. They exceeded our expectations. Thanks again Ryan and Chris!

Just got back from 2 days of fishing. Ryan and Chris worked hard and showed tremendous skill. We caught so many big fish, several sails, a sand shark, a massive bull shark, a Goliath grouper, and plenty of others. This was a really special trip.

Nick and Chris were great! They both worked their tails off to make sure we had a great experience. Extremely professional and Super great guys to get along with, from some Yankees from the north. Explained every detail and what we should do when feeling them in. Boat was in great shape and the rods/reels worked perfectly. First time kite fishing and it was awesome, only regret was wish we did a full 8 plus hours. Can’t wait to come back and “talk shop” with these guys.

My son and I went on a 3/4 day charter on Saturday 1/16/21. These guys worked relentlessly to put us on the sailfish by kite fishing and spotting individual fish. The captain put us right on a very large fish that unfortunately wouldn’t take our pitch baits, but we did have success with the kites. Very enjoyable day and highly recommended.

Loved our trip with Double Threat Charters! Caught our first sailfish on our one year anniversary! They aren’t scared of a little wind and waves unlike some other charters.... read more

My friends were staying on Miami Beach and wanted to go on a deep sea fishing charter. We went kite fishing and caught 3 sails during a half day. These guys are very good at what they do, highly recommend!

Everything was planned out perfectly with an amazing experience even for new fisherman. Experience was amazing and definitely something that everyone should experience.

Amazing experience! The entire crew was super attentive to all of our needs and we caught lots of fish throughout the day. Definitely recommend to anyone looking into chartering with these guys.

This is the best charter in Miami. They did a great job of making sure everyone on the boat was having fun. The charter used the best techniques to catch the best fish.

Chris and Nick were both phenomenal. Personable and professional. Will book with them again when we come down! Thanks guys!

Showed us a great time out on the water. Look no further if you need a solid deep sea fishing charter!

Found these guys on social media and booked them for my 30th bday. My goal was to catch any kind of billfish and we ended up catching an 83” Sailfish in the first hour or so of fishing! It put up a 20 minute fight and it was a ton of fun! Team is great and definitely know their stuff. Boat is nice and kept clean with an inside space to hang out too. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great time fishing in Miami!

We had an awesome day of fishing. 13 sail fish, 3 king mackerel and a mahi mahi. Nick did a great job of finding us the fish and Chris was awesome keeping everything g moving smooth. Better than I even imagined.

Nick and Chris of Double Threat were amazing, they made our fishing trip phenomenal. They knew all the right spots and was extremely helpful! Definitely go with these guys, thanks for the memories!

What a bummer, the weather wouldn't cooperate today. But Miss Britt Charters happily refunded our money. We will remember that when it comes time to rebook. Thanks for everything!

This is my second time going with Double Threat Charters. Nick and Chris were great today - worked hard to put us on the fish and did not disappoint! Caught several Mahi Mahi, a tuna, hooked a hammerhead shark and even had a sailfish almost take our bait for a couple minutes! Thank you Nick for a great time - already cannot wait to go again soon!

Great time with captain Nick and Chris. Caught a ton of Mahi.

We had a great day with Double Threat Fishing Charters. We had an awesome time and caught plenty of fish. Would definitely recommend and looking forward to coming back again.

Great experience! We caught 33 dolphin the most I’ve ever caught! Great fun and would do again

Had an awesome experience. Went home with plenty of fish to cook and would recommend to anyone who wants to spend a day on the water.

10/10 fishing experience with captain nick and Chris as mate. These guys were on top of the ball the entire day and we caught fish within the first 30 minutes being offshore. They work super hard to get you on the fish but more importantly to KEEP you on the fish! We totaled 30+ Mahi and 5 Bonita. Was one of the best days of fishing I’ve ever had. From here on out Double Threat is my go-to charter in Miami and they will get you on the FISH!!!

10/10 fishing experience with captain nick and mate Chris. These guys were on top of the ball the entire day and we caught fish within the first 30 minutes being offshore. They work super hard to get you on the fish but more importantly to KEEP you on the fish! We totaled 30+ Mahi and 5 Bonita. Was one of the best days of fishing I’ve ever had. From here on out Double Threat is my go-to charter in Miami and they will get you on the FISH!!! Thank you Nick and Chris!!! We will be back!

Had a great successful trip and a couple trophies ! Great captain and crew! Highly recommended!!! For group or family this captain and crew are great !! Looking forward to booking more trips.

Great time with these guys fishing!!! Put us on tons 0f fish

Awesome time on the water. Very professional

Had a wonderful time with these guys! They had all of us catching so many fish and it was pure mayhem! We ended up with 26 keepers and threw back a bunch for next time. They are very good about only keeping the larger ones and not fudging with the sizes. Boat was very comfortable both inside and out. There was some diesel exhaust but that's to be expected when they run diesel motors. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Unbelievable day!!

I did this as a voice text so some of my spelling and punctuation might be off!!

Chris and Ryan the captain and the mate really accommodated every need we needed:)

it was awesome I took my three sons and my son-in-law, everybody enjoyed the fishing. I’m from up in Illinois and used to seeing muddy catfish and to see ya beautiful my mahi or a barracuda couple barracudas it was totally unbelievable!!!!

thanks guys went offshore fishing 3/4 of a day:)

we caught barracudas and mahi-mahi a bunch of little feeder sardines that were the size of my hand looked it was just really cool experience !!

Nick the guy on the phone helped me set everything up :)

actually booked two charters with him he gave me a good deal on them,


the views and even on the way back they drove us by the cruise ships we had some of the best views in Miami,

that I didn’t even get on the tour boats that I got from the charter boat with double threat you guys are awesome and keep it up and if we come down next couple years I’m sure will book again!!

My wife and I went fishing with double threat charters and had an amazing trip. We landed 15 mahi and one well over 30 lbs. captain and crew were both amazing and worked to get us on fish. Would highly recommend!

Ryan and Chris make an epic team. Been living in Miami my whole life and haven’t had a day like this. Tuna tuna tuna

Amazing experience! These guys really know what they’re doing. If you want to catch fish professionally and have a great time doing it, contact Nick.

Went fishing with these guys in July, 2019. Great trip. Brought in a bunch of Mahi Mahi, even had one trophy fish. Great group, great service, great time. Hope to get down and see them in August.

Had a great time!! Crew was awesome and put us on the fish!!!

Had a great time fishing. These guys definitely know what they are doing! You are guaranteed to catch fish!!

Double Threat charters are awesome. Booking was easy and efficient. Captain and crew were wonderful! Caught two selfish along with many other fish on this trio. Highly recommend this charter!!!

Nick and Ryan were amazing! The kids loved it. They made taking our kids offshore fishing fun and less stressful than I thought. Thanks again guys ????

Best fishing trip we could have asked for, put us right on the fish and Ryan and Nick were great! Well worth it.

Had an amazing time, great crew, put us right on the spot, and kept chasing them, we were reeling them in all day, and chased them down when needed be. Cleaned the fish when we were done, the whole nine yards. 15/10 would recommend, they will not disappoint!

Excellent people and had a tun of fun

Great day on the water, John was top notch! Love it when we charter a boat and our guide is willing to work hard. We will definitely be booking again on our next trip to Florida! ????????

Just got back from a trip. Rough seas but Capt Nick and First mate Ryan worked hard. Ended up with a bunch of Mahi over the rails and one swordfish which we released.

Was out on the double threat today. Capt Nick and 1st Mate Ryan put us on the fish almost immediately. We got back to the dock with mahi and caught/released a sailfish. Thanks for a great trip.

We had a great day out on the water today. A sail fish catch and release and more Mahi than we can eat. Captain Nick and Mate Ryan were great hosts

Had an awesome experience with Double Threat charters. Have been on multiple charter trips in the area and these guys work the hardest hands down. Capt Nick and Ryan started catching us fish right from the beginning and continued to hustle until the trip was over. Definitely recommend Double Threat if you want a fun comfortable experience and want to catch fish.

Great day of fishing. Took my Dad and Mom out for my dads 50th birthday!!! Everything I requested from Captain John he made happen for my family. Had a great day of fishing!! Caught more fish than we could count on the inshore fishing trip.

What a great time - my buddy Cooper and I went out for the day with Captain John who was a wonderful guide. Thought we might get skunked with the first stops but he didn't let us spot was the greatest. We had a hoot of a time eh! Catching so many fish of all species. We took the inland trip but still ripped into 5 sharks along the way. This trip was awesome! We had one of the best days in the life with one of the best guides ever. Highly, highly recommended, the care and focus to make sure we were happy was exceptional, cannot thank Captain John enough for the great day. Looking forward to our next trip - gonna catch some sailfish next. See you soon!

Nick and Ryan were great!

Another local charter mixed up our booking then rescheduled only to cancel our charter trip an hour before it was supposed to depart. Nick took my call well into the evening and worked with our schedule to get the kids out onto the ocean. Nick and Ryan were helpful, honest, and caring. I would recommend this crew to anyone looking for a fun time fishing in the Miami area. Bravo Zulu gentlemen.

Great 1 3/4 days! Caught sailfish both days and blackfin tuna, King mackerel and mahi-mahi the second day. The mate, Chris was the best.

We went out for 1 3/4 days. By 9:00 an we had a triple hook up of sailfish. Boated another later that day and one more the next day. The second day we caught black fin tuna, king mackerel and mahi-mahi. The mate Chris was the best!

Look no further....these guys are the real deal. Captain Nick and Ryan were exceptional on my 3/4 day trip. Kite fishing for Sails should be on every anglers bucket list. It requires a ton of fast work and careful coordination that Nick & Ryan performed at the highest level. Special nod to Ryan who worked his behind off running the kites and dropping bait balls which yielded our 2nd Sailfish of the day when he cast a bait right in front of a hungry fish that rose to the “ball”. The fight was on with light tackle! Amazing experience and awesome stand-up action. They worked to make what easily could have been a slow day into a great day.

Picked up 2 nice Mahi & 2 of the biggest Bonito I have ever seen. Double Threat are my go-to guys in South Florida. I’ll definitely be back.

Chartered Double Threat with Nick (Captain/owner) and Chris as the Mate. We had an amazing day. They both know how to put you onto fish and Chris works his tail off working the lines. My first experience kite fishing for Sails and I was able to check this species off of my bucket list. Very professional and personable crew and the boat is great to fish off of. I can't wait to book another day of fishing with them. I've fished a lot and I highly recommend chartering with Double Threat Charters.

Beautiful boat that was completely renovated a few years ago, super friendly crew, and great fishing. we caught two sailfish releases and a king fish that we brought home for dinner. So knowledgeable and very entertaining to watch first mate work the reels.

We went out on a day that was sadly to rainy and windy to be successful. The waves were so high it made people in our party sick. We told the captain and he brought us in and ended the trip early. While we were on the boat, the captain and mate were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The owner of the boat also reached out to us to see how we were doing and offered to move our deposit over to a different day due to special circumstances. Can’t wait for a calmer day and to get back on the water with this great crew.

It was an excellent trip. Caught a couple and highly recommend the charter

Very cool fishing charter. Guides know their stuff, and put us on the fish.

Contacted Nick and John the day after a Thanksgiving get away to Miami. Asked if they could take the wife and I fishing, on a little short notice. Immediately was contacted by both Nick and John with some fishing options for the weekend. This was my wife second fishing trip and ask John if we could just make sure she catches a few fish. John was quick to assure me that it shouldn't be a problem and that we should see a lot of action. He wasn't BS'ing us, we couldn't pull them in the boat fast enough. The wife was ecstatic and pretty exhausted after just a couple of hours of crankin' in 8 - 12 pound fish.

John took me out for half day, showed me how to cast the bait, land the fish and was very knowledgeable of the different types of fish we were catching. I caught so many fish my hands and arms got tired and I had to rest for a while. This was only the second or third inshore or salt water fishing I had done. I will definitely come back soon for another fish outing with these guys. Very polite, attentive and instructive.

For my husband’s 40th birthday a group of four adults went out with Double Threat on a perfect Friday. We did the 3/4 day and were able to catch several snapper and mackerel to keep, and reel in three sail fish. We had the time of our life, and can’t wait to go back. Thank you Ryan and Chris from Double Threat for putting us on the fish!

Double Threat Charters did a great job, enjoyable day on the water, extremely professional crew, tasty food! Nothing but good things to say

Awesome trip with friends. Caught a few big ????. Great weather, fun crew. Will come back again. Thanks!

Had a wonderful time on our charter today. Nick, Chris and Liam took us to great spots to find fish and assisted with catching where needed. Would definitely use Double Threat charters again.

I had my first time fishing experience with Double Threat Charters. Staff are very friendly and helpful. We got a lot of fish, and fighting with the fish is a good experience for me.

My girlfriend and I chartered a 3/4 day trip with Double Threat, and it was the absolute best. The guys were awesome, fun, respectful and put us on some fish. We landed a sailfish, and some bonita. I would recommend these guys 20 out of 10 times. I cannot wait to get back out there with them next year.

If you're looking for a great boat, crew and experience these are your guys. Whether its family with kids, buddies, or couples they will hook it up. I found these guys via trip advisor as well.

I can't thank these guys for putting me on the fish of my dreams. I'm doing a "fish bucket list" and they scratched 2 off my list for me. The sail fishes we caught weren't just your run of the mill small guys, they where beautiful 50-70 pound fish. They gave me the fight of a lifetime, and it's something I'll tel my kids about one day. They shouldn't be called Double Threat they should be called Relentless, they didn't stop until I caught my dream fish, and not only did I catch one, I caught two, and I also caught a huge Cobia!

Thank you again Nick, Kris and Captain John

I have never fished south FL before but have done numerous charters, both inshore and offshore. This my best offshore guided experience by far. It was a tough day out on the water but Ryan and Jason worked as many approaches to get fish on the line. Ryan was amazing spotting fish from the tower. Jason worked his butt off running lines. We landed two and appreciated their hard work. Jason also never was bothered by my questions of learning techniques and what they were looking for/working at the time. They even recommended a nearby restaurant that would cook it up for us. Great experience and plan on doing it again when we come back down.

This was the first time deep sea fishing in FL and it was 100% worth it. Chris and Ryan were awesome. We caught a bunch of fish, including several sailfish, and they put up with all of our questions all while running the boat and a zillion lines. I would totally recommend and return for another charter!

Inshore trip was unreal. Captain John was absolutely amazing and put us on fish immediately. Our first 5 catches were 5 different species!!! Bending rods was not an issue at all. We went on a half day trip on November 1st 2019 and caught 30-40 fish easily. My boyfriend and I took several breaks because the fish were back to back to back just about all day. We were doubled up several times on top of that. Can’t wait to fish snook and tarpon with him next year on a night trip. Thanks for the great time and memories. See you again in about 6 months.

A+++ Fantastic crew, great fishing, highly recommend this trip for both experienced & amateur fishers!!!! Awesome time & we'll definitely be visiting them again!!!

Nice team and boat. But not a great catch today ???????????????

Guys from Double Threat Fishing Charters were incredible! Extremely knowledgeable and professional! My bf caught GINORMOUS sailfish ( ~7feet long) and then we caught some big king mackerel. Overall very accommodating, experienced, knowledgeable and friendly! Definitely be back!

Thank you!

Captain Nick and the crew John and (and Liam*) very professional and friendly amazing time put us on the fish all day!!!!!

We had a fantastic day on the water. Caught a ton of sailfish, Mahi, Tuna, cero, and a shark. The mates were doing a great job getting all the lines rigged and it wasn’t much time between bites. It was a ton of fun and I would definitely return for another day on the water with Nick and the guys.

The double threat charter for an awesome day trip. They crew was very professional and made the day seem less and enjoyable. We caught 15+ fish and couldn’t have asked for a better trip

Great knowledgeable crew. Had a blast and caught several mahi mahi. Definitely recommend going on a Double Threat charter trip.

Great day on the water. Nick and Ryan worked hard to get us on fish all day long. They switched it up when a technique wasn’t hitting. Moved around to find fish and were engaged all day. Really excellent and experienced crew. Boat is beautiful, well maintained with high end gear. All around excellent. Would definitely recommend highly.

Great captain and first mate!!! Caught a dozen mahi mahi and a beautiful sail fish

Found these guys on social media and booked them for my 30th bday. My goal was to catch any kind of billfish and we ended up catching an 83” Sailfish in the first hour or so of fishing! It put up a 20 minute fight and it was a ton of fun! Team is great and definitely know their stuff. Boat is nice and kept clean with an inside space to hang out too. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great time fishing in Miami!

First time deep sea fishing and it was great! The guys are super friendly, helpful, and professional. We caught 30 fish in under an hour!

Had an amazing day fishing with these guys. Caught about 40 fish in thirty minutes! Can't recommend Nick and his crew enough. They are experienced, friendly, and great fishermen.

Great morning! Captain Nick and the crew were extremely knowledgeable and, as a result, we hit our limit by the time our charter ended. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to enjoy a day out on the water and some great fishing!

Took a trip with Nick and Chris after a cruise on our family vacation. Caught a nice size barracuda and Bonita but highlight was definitely catching 2 sailfish, one for me and my 10 year old daughter. So awesome to catch 2 within 10 minutes and look forward to getting them mounted to have these memories forever. These guys know what they’re doing and you’ll have a blast. Highly recommend !

There guys are the real deal! I would absolutely recommend Double Threat for your Fishing experience!

Caught a bunch of yellow fin and dolphin!! Great day and great crew!! 32 total fish for the boat!! Ryan and Chris were a lot of fun and took us to all the great spots!!

great experience... would recommend 100 out of 100!

This trip was so amazing. If you want a fun experience fishing, this is the way to go. The people running the whole operation were kind and helpful. Thanks so much !!!!

Really fun trip caught a lot of great fish very nice crew best fishing in Miami good for kids and adults

First trip to Miami, these guys made the vacation worth the drive from South Carolina. Lots of fish, lots of fun and will most definitely be revisiting in the future. Thanks Ryan and Kristjan! You guys rock

Had a fantastic time. Caught 14 Mahi 11 of which were keepers and 2 barracuda. Captain and First Mate. We’re great. You gotta fish with these guys!!!

Awesome trip! Ryan and Nick are great guys, they put us on a lot of quality fish. If you are in town for fun and wanna catch some fish hit these guys up!

Seriously great big boat lots of space. The crew were awesome very chill and professional. We caught a lot of fish! Great time. Definitely would go out with these guys again!!!! Hire these guys you will definitely love it.

Awesome fishing trip! Definitely top 5 best trips I’ve been on. I recommend Double Threat Charters... read more

Nick and Chris were great, we caught tons of mahi and a huge wahoo. The weather started to get a little ominous and I asked nick to make it better and he did! Overall, fantastic trip. Very down to earth, fun and made the trip all about us having a blast. Will definitely go out with double threat again.

Had a great trip caught a ton mahi and a great wahoo. I’d add a 6th star if I could.

If you're looking for a top notch fishing experience, look no further. Captain Nick and mates Ryan and Chris are great! They're very knowledgable and patient, especially with inexperienced anglers like myself. They even put us on a few sailfish in July! Tons of fun fighting cudas and sharks. I hope I get to make it back for another trip with this crew!

Great fishing trip. The crew is very skilled and hospitable. We would love to fish with Double Threat again. Book with these guys for a great fishing trip in Miami.

Had a great time on Double Threat today. We usually fish morning trips but this was our first afternoon trip and it was EPIC!!!! We caught a ton of fish. The captain and deck hand were super friendly, entertaining and helpful.

If you have the opportunity to charter with Double Threat, don’t miss out. You will be a ton of fun!!!

Ask for Chris & p.s. - my luck is the best !

Best fishing experience I’ve ever had in my life. Guys we’re very polite and the first mate was kicking ass at his job.

First time deep water fishing and it was a blast! Caught tons of mahi back to back to back. Great crew, friendly and showed some new tricks. Overall cool experience, would definitely come back.

Excellent fishing trip, worked hard the whole time to put us on fish

We had an amazing time out on the water! It was my husband and myself first time to go deep sea fishing in Miami. We caught a 55in barracuda, 30 lb blackfin tuna, 2 large amberjacks, and another smaller barracuda and amberjack. They filet the tuna and bagged it for us, the best tuna we have had! They also helped us in the process to mount the trophy barracuda!! Loved this company, would 100% recommended, we booked them based on the reviews and are so happy we did. A charter company that goes out with the goal of catching as many fish as possible.

Amazing trip with captain Nick! Sailfish all afternoon mixed in with Tuna and Kingfish

Epic afternoon trip! 3/3 on sails with a few monster tuna to end the day!! We will be back

Double threat fishing charters was awesome! We did the 8 hour charter and caught all kind of fish! Sailfish, black tuna, amberjack, and more!!! Crew was top notch!

Amazing trip! Caught three sailfish and three kingfish between us. Had a blast!

Smart,courteous,professional!Real fishermen.

Had an absolutely great day great day this past weekend! Captain Nick and Chris were a perfect team and their boat was immaculately kept and equipped. We had fish on the line all day, caught a great sailfish and 4 big cobia's - we even got to see 3 huge bull sharks. Could't recommend them any more with a perfect balance of fishing and laughs.

Awesome time hooked into six sailfish yesterday caught 5 of them! What a show!! will definitely go back! Thanks Nick and Christian!!

Excellent charter, highly recommend. This was our 2nd time out and Capt. Nick put us on sailfish both times. Will be back out soon, thanks gents!

Great morning with Capt Nick and Mate Christian...three fisherman hooked six Sailfish, tagged and released five. First two were caught within minutes of catching baitfish and reaching fishing grounds. Beautiful, comfortable boat...

Both Nick and Chris worked really hard to assure that we had a great experience...highly recommend Double Threat Charters! And thanks to my son for the best Christmas present ever!

Excellent day of fishing. Great crew that worked their tails off to make sure we had an awesome experience. Caught two sail and two king fish. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Thanks DTC! P.S. take your sea sickness meds if you’ve never been out to sea.

Adam and Christian were great! Had a blast - caught multiple sailfish (one was a 75-80 pound monster), as well as barracuda, kingfish, and topped it off with a mutton snapper for supper. I have chartered many trips through the years but these guys were unbelievably good! There came highly recommended and did not disappoint

Crazy afternoon off Key Biscayne, yesterday. Great experienced crew, Nick the Boss, Adam the Captain and Kris both very professional! Big fights and a lot of fun with my friend Edouard and his wife Diana. Vincent ALMELA #DoubleThreatCharters

Awesome time. Great crew. Nice boat. Kick butt fishing!

Fantastic time! Caught a good amount of fish and the crew was very knowledgeable and helpful!

Amazing time! The crew was friendly, enjoyable to talk to, and up beat. Caught 4 sailfish and 2 mackerel!

March 2, 2019

Awesome day at sea! Captain Nick and First Mate, Christian (Chris) were personable, knowledgeable, and a great team!! Awesome boat, a ton of different types of great newer equipment! The best time! Highly recommend this charter 100%!!!! Thanks so much guys!

The captain put us on a bunch of sailfish and king fish. The boat was clean, the the ride was smooth, and we had a blast. Will absolutely come again when we are in Miami. This was a blast!

Nick and Chris are an awesome crew. Put us on some great fish. Tight lines!!

Captain Nick and First Mate Christian are awesome! Fishing was amazing, my highlight was the amazing trophy I caught! They were great with our 3 kids. Definitely recommend these guys

Absolute blast out on the water! Hardworking and friendly crew! Can’t wait to get back out with Double Threat Charters!

Great trip !! Went out for a Sailfish and we found plenty . Plus 2 Mahi . Fun day on the water for sure . Great Crew too !

Nick and Christian were great! I use Double Threat Charters every time I come to Miami as they are always reliable and fun. We always catch fish and the equipment and boat are too of the line. Nick always makes sure you have everything you need and the trip is enjoyable. Thanks again for another great trip.

Great morning on the water with Captain Nick and his hand Christian.

Hardest fishing guys I have ever chartered. Nick and Chris were great. Highly recommend!

If you wanna catch fish with the best crew. You need to go to chris and Nick here.

Crushed a full day with nick at double threat. 30 fish, dolphin, tuna, 2 sails. Great boat and crew!

Double threat fishing charters was awesome. We had a great time. Landed lots of fish.

Got on fish all day! We caught more than we can handle. Great trip, will definitely hook up with them again on my next trip to Miami.

Had a great day of fishing with the gang at Double Threat Charters. Caught a ton of Dauphin and also caught two sailfish. These guys know what they are doing. Will use them again

Being a captain working on the water in Miami for the last twenty one years, I have had the opportunity to fish with more then a few people. After inquiring with many fellow captains who is the best charter to take my family from Arizona out for a deep sea fishing experience, I settled on double threat. I can say that they will not disappoint, I think even if we hadn’t caught so many awesome fish it still would have been an amazing day. They advertise “tournament style fishing “ and let me say they had a tournament pace from start to finish. As a matter of fact I was so enthralled with the trip that I am writing my first review that I have ever written. With those guys- no fish is safe!

Nick and Chris did a great job. Lots of action and lots of fish. Thanks boys.

Great Trip, great people

Awesome trip. Great crew definitely will come back

Had a fantastic day out on the water. The crew was knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend double threat fishing charters.

My family and I had an awesome time fishing. We caught a nice sail fish as well as a couple of mahi mahi and some grouper. The captain put us on the fish and the first mate did an excellent job keeping all the rods untangle even though we had 7 lines out and 2 fish on simultaneously. Both worked hard and non stop all day. All in all it was an amazing experience I'd love to do again.

Great experience! These guys are awesome! Very professional, put us on fish the entire time and were very patient with our crew. Catching, tagging, and releasing my first sail fish was a once in a lifetime experience. Appreciate you guys!!!

Awesome experience. The crew made the trip fun and entertaining. Definitely recommend using them if you wanna go fishing in Miami

This was my first time on a charter boat and it won’t be the last thanks to Nick and Chris. We got to catch a sail fish. Very helpful and engaging throughout the whole trip. 5 stars all around

Double threat charters were absolutely amazing and fantastic fishermen. They are very professional and got us on the fish early and often. They taught us what to do, and we’re very knowledgeable about how to slay fish. Thank you captain Nick and Christian. No fish were safe that day.

Capt. Nick and Christain are great guys. This charter is highly recommended. We caught lots of fish. They were very professional as well as patient and taught us how to land the fish. This trip was lots of fun and will do it again.

p s. Don't forget the dramamine...

Thank you, Capt. Nick and Christain.

I just went out with these guys in Miami this weekend and it was an amazing time! These two gentlemen are very professional and will you give your the best fishing experience ever!

Those guys were on it all day, couldn’t STOP catching fish.

Nick and Christian are great! Very personable and professional. We caught a variety of fish. Nick cleaned and filleted our catch and served us up some black fin tuna sashimi back at the dock as well. Was a great experience! We're already making arrangements to go back next year.

You really need to check these guys out, your won't be sorry.

Thanks again guys!!

Took my wife and kids down to Miami Beach and decided to book a deep sea fishing charter with Double Threat Charters. After checking their reviews they came highly recommended so I figured they were my best option. Definitely the right pick! My family had a blast catching dolphin, kingfish, and tuna all morning. The boat was beautiful and the crew worked tirelessly to get the rods bent. I highly recommend Double Threat for your miami fishing charter!

If you ever want a great experience deep sea fishing these guys are the best!!

Great day fishing! We caught 16 Mahi Mahi and a blackfin tuna. My two teenage boys and my husband were thrilled with the catch. We have fish for weeks! Definitely would recommend Nick and his crew to anyone that wants an amazing fishing adventure!

Awesome fishing charter! DT put our group on more mahi than we could have imagined. Look forward to booking them again.

My sister and her family were visiting from out of town and we decided to to on a fishing charter. When I was calling around we had a few different options but chose Double Threat Charters because they had the best reviews. Im glad we did! Nick and kris were polite, friendly, and definitely knew what they were doing. We booked a half day trip and had a blast catching almost 20 mahi mahi. The boat was beautiful and very comfortable for the 5 of us. Will definitely be using them again in the future!

Can't say enough good about these guys. Kris was amazing. This was our first time fishing on the ocean and Kris worked very hard to make sure that they put us on some fish. On a day when other charters weren't catching fish, we put 9 in the boat and kept 7.

The team worked tirelessly and produced a very successful outing. They were extremely patient and engaging with us (especially our two sons), and most importantly, were extremely professional throughout the trip. We had high hopes for this trip, but those were quickly exceeded.

Went fishing with some friends during summer break and had so much fun. From the minute we showed up it was clear we chose the right guys. The boat was big and very well kept. Kris and Nick were very welcoming from the moment we got on board. Most importantly, the fishing was awesome! We caught 6 kingfish, a big wahoo, and 20 mahi mahi! They filleted some of the fish and we took it to a restaurant nearby. The 4 of us had a great meal with blackened mahi, fried kingfish, and even some wahoo sashimi. Can’t recommend these guys enough!

Top notch crew! Capt Nick and his crew always go the extra mile to get us on the fish and make sure we have a great day out on the water. Always a fun time on the Double Threat!

Highly recommend this charter if you’re in South Florida looking to catch big game offshore fish . Chris and Nick are very friendly, knowledgeable fisherman. Would definitely go out again with them. Extremely happy with how the entire day went.

I have been fishing with Captain Nicholas Gonzalez for many years. From snook fishing on the Blue Yonder (old boat) to catching sailfish on the new Hatteras, Double Threat Charters continues to be my go to charter out of Miami. Amazing outgoing captain and crew who know how to put fish into the boat!

A couple of my fellow Army Veteran buddies, and I went on The Double Threat Charter Boat for a day of fishing. We had a great time. The Captain and First Mate were awesome and they demonstrated excellent proficiency in fishing the Florida Waterways. The boat was extremely comfortable and clean, and to top off the day, we caught some great fish. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE DOUBLE THREAT!

I've been fishing for a VERY long time and I honestly could not be happier with having hired these guys to take us out for a day offshore. From the very start of the trip I quickly saw how knowledgeable and passionate Nick and his crew were about finding fish and making sure everyone (even the beginners I brought along with me that day) were involved in every aspect of the trip. From catching bait to spotting birds and sight-casting to Mahi, everything went exactly as planned. We loaded the boat with Mahi and were already satisfied when Capt. Nick asked us if we wanted to catch some 'groceries' on the way home. We were pleasantly surprised and after a few moments of moving around we were bringing up stringers of vermillion and yelloweye snapper. My guests were in shock at how many fish we caught that day, and how professional and polite the whole Double Threat crew was. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for an incredible day on the water off of Miami.

Great Boat, Great Crew, Great Time!

A group of friends and I recently went out on a full-day offshore charter with Captain Nick and his first mate Kristjan. It was a blast! The recently renovated boat is clean, comfortable, and smooth riding. Nick put us on the fish immediately and Kristjan had us hooked up within minutes. We had close to 10 Mahi in the boat within the first 15 minutes of fishing. Even on a day when there was a lot of competition on the water, Nick and Kristjan put us in great spots for landing quality fish. They worked hard all day long to find fish and get us hooked up. It was a great trip, and I recommend them to anyone who is wanting to catch some fish in the Miami area!

My boyfriend and I went out in May with Captain Nick Gonzalez on the Double Threat charter, and I was beyond impressed with the service. When we first arrived at the boat, Captain Gonzalez was nice and friendly and showed us around the boat and made sure that we were comfortable before we left the dock. We had an incredible afternoon catching a wide variety of fish and had a very enjoyable time doing it all. You can not go wrong with going out on the Double Threat. We have already planned another trip!!

Booked double threat last weekend and they were absolutely amazing. Took us to all the best spots. Nick and Chris were both great by spotting the schools of fish and casting the rods right to them. We barely had time to breathe in between catches. Higly recommend them.

Been on multiple charters and double threat was the best no doubt. They’ll always find ways to put fish on the deck no matter what. Nick and Chris never stop working, always trying to find that fish of a lifetime for you and whoever is on deck. Definitely recommend fishing with Double threat fishing charters.

Took my family fishing had an amazing time captain Nick and his first mate Christian were very knowledgeable and very nice caught a ton of fish and just had an outstanding time will definitely come back and do this again very soon thank you captain Nick

I have fished with Captain Nick and Double Threat Charters on numerous occasions and they are without a doubt THE BEST fishing charter in the Miami area! I live in Georgia and refuse to fish with anyone else. I schedule my trips to Miami based solely on the availability of Captain Nick and his crew. Each and every time we go out, we fill the box with a ton of fish and release even more. Captain Nick has grown up fishing the area and knows everything there is to know about when and where the fish are biting. Whether you are looking for swordfish, sailfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, kingfish, grouper or any other species, you will leave totally satisfied with your fishing experience with Double Threat charters. I HIGHLY recommended you set up your charter today!

I’ve been fishing from the jersey shore my entire life. This experience was once in a lifetime. These guys know what they’re doing. Caught 6 sailfish while no body else even saw any. Well worth it.

Great trip. Nice equipment. Nice boat. Would recommend

Great time, captain Nick and Chris are the best ,they work to get you on the fish and know what they are doing.

Went fishing with Nick last year had the time of our lives took my son for his 19th birthday we caught 13 selfish in one day Nick is one of the most experience captains I’ve ever been with and his mate was nothing short of excellent Just setting up a trip to go again for my sons birthday can’t wait to post more pictures here comes the proof

Great guys!!! They love to fish and it shows and were great to fish with! Highly recommend. They got us our first swordfish and 30 Mahi!!!

Hands down best charter service I have ever used. If you are looking to to book a charter your search should end here. Book these guys now. They are professional, extremely courteous, and best of all they get results. They will work their tail off to make sure you catch fish. We caught sailfish, tuna, and kings. Thanks again guys!

We've been on the Blue Yonder (Double Threat Charters) five times. Each time was an experience.

This last time (August 5th) we brought home 9 Blackfin Tuna, nine Vermillion Snapper, and three Mahi.

We hooked four more tuna, only to be beaten by a Dusky shark.

Captain Nick and Captain Brent are not only great fishermen, they are excellent people. Great times were had by everyone.

I highly recommend Double Threat Charters.

Captain Nick was relentless in his pursuit to put us on good fish. The prior week had been quite stormy, and I was apprehensive to book, but Nick really did a great job at finding the right water to enable us to boat our limit of 20 Mahi. We had a great time, and made a great memory. I can't wait to book a Sailfish trip in the Spring. Double Threat will be the only outfit I reach out to in the future. Thanks a million guys, tight lines!