Fully renovated 43 Hatteras with Cummins 450C engines



  • Peak Season: Unknown
  • Best Charter: Daytime Swordfishing
  • Best Technique: Deep Dropping
  • Best Bait: Foldovers or Bellies
  • Table Fare: Great

Pomfret Fishing- How to Catch Pomfret

Not a lot is known about pomfret since these fish inhabit the deepest darkest waters along the continental shelf. What we do know is that the world record is about 22 pounds and that they taste pretty good. Pomfret look a lot like a permit with darker features and are definitely one of the more unique fish we catch off Miami.

Most of the pomfret we have caught were on the buoy rod which we usually fish about 1000 feet down while sword fishing. It would appear as though these fish hunt along the deep scattering layer and judging by their anatomy, they don't seem like pure bottom dwellers. Pomfret have surprisingly big mouths and have no issue taking down a large bonita belly. 

We don't know if there is a way to reliably target pomfret so for now they are simply bycatch while sword fishing. Who knows, maybe we'll learn more about them and find a way to reliably target them in the future.