Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove Snapper

  • Peak Season: June-August
  • Best Charter: Nighttime Snapper Fishing
  • Best Technique: Heavy Chumming the Reefs
  • Best Bait: Shrimp
  • Table Fare: Excellent

Snapper Fishing Charters in Miami

Mangrove's fight harder and have better eye site than yellowtail, but are just as delicious. The same tactics used for yellowtail work for Mangrove's. Mangroves are hard pressed to turn down a well presented live shrimp or pilchard, and will usually out compete yellowtail in the chum slick in shallower water (20'-60'). Mangroves aren't as likely to feed during the day and although smaller individuals can be seen in the shallow bays and lagoons around Miami, 1-5lbers prowl the reefs. Just like yellowtail, mangrove snapper fishing in Miami requires a lot of chum and patience, and is most enjoyable with light tackle. It takes time to raise them off the reef, but when you do, they'll get bold enough to eat right out of the chum bag!

Mangrove Snapper Fishing Miami

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