Goliath Grouper

Goliath Grouper

  • Peak Season: June-August
  • Best Charter: Wreck Fishing Offshore
  • Best Technique: Wreck Fishing
  • Best Bait: Big Live Bait
  • Table Fare: Not Legal to keep

Goliath Grouper Fishing

Goliath Grouper have made a major comeback over recent years after being completely decimated by commercial pressure in the 70s and 80s. Now it seems as though many wrecks are occupied by these fish. Goliaths can reach weights over 600lbs and love to engulf anything they can fit in their mouths, whether that is a jack, snapper, snook or permit, they couldn't care less. Although their aggressive personalities make them easy to hook, pulling them away from the safety of their dens is another matter entirely. Even with the heaviest tackle, set with the heaviest line and drags, Goliaths do what they want, when they want.

How to Catch Goliath Grouper

Depending mainly on the depth of the water and the structure, we employ 30-80 size reels on broom sticks for standup rods. 50lb line is considered light in this fishery, and 150lb leader? Forget it. We never go under 300lb test, and they still manage to break us off on the reefs and wrecks. Not to mention the occasional bull shark that steals the bait before the goliaths even see it. 16-20/0 sized circle hooks are crimped solidly to the leader before being sent down. Goliaths aren't particularly pretty, but they make up for their looks with brute strength. Captain John has an interesting way of targeting them in the deeper waters off Flamingo. If you decide to book a Charter offshore of Flamingo, make sure you make John bring his "secret" rig. As a general rule, Grouper Fishing in Miami (or Grouper Charters in the Keys) typically implies heavy tackle, locked down drags, and braided line to give the angler the best chances at landing these beasts.

Goliath Grouper Fishing Miami


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