Atlantic Sailfish

Atlantic Sailfish

  • Peak Season: November–May
  • Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
  • Best Technique: Kite Fishing with 2 Kites
  • Best Bait: Goggle Eye
  • Table Fare: Low compared to its value as a game fish

Sailfishing Miami

The Atlantic Sailfish is one of the smallest individuals in the billfish family, and is extremely prevalent off Florida’s coast. The sailfish prowls the drop-off between 90 and 200 feet, though they know no boundaries and can be found anywhere offshore. Armed with light tackle and live bait, boats can expect consistent action from packs of migratory fish during the winter months. With that said though, resident fish can be caught almost year round, with 1-3 fish per day not uncommon during the offseason.

Kite Fishing Charters for Sailfish

Sailfishing in Miami during peak season gives anglers multiple shots a day at releasing sailfish. Double digit days are not out of the question when the bite is wide open, with multiple hookups an extra treat. The acrobatic antics of sailfish are second to none as they attempt to shake hooks while swimming at ridiculous speeds. Kite fishing offshore Miami is the most effective method of connecting with hungry sailfish. The distressed vibrations from hanging baitfish draw predators in from a distance.

Watching the billfish corral the bait on the surface before engulfing it is quite a sight, and not something you’ll soon forget. From its colors, to its behavior, it’s no surprise the sailfish is one of our favorite targets when fishing offshore in Miami.

Atlantic Sailfish in Miami